Top 10 electric bikes that’ll get every automotive lover’s heart thumping

Bikes get the heart of almost every Automotive lover thumping! Make them electric – and you have the best of both worlds! They’re powerful, super-fast, menacing to look at, and not to mention a boon to the environment. And we’ve been seeing a torrential and exciting downpour of e-bike designs at Yanko Design. Each bike was innovative, bringing to us something we had never seen or experienced before. From killer speed to dashing good looks to impenetrable safety standards, every electric bike we featured at YD broke some design barrier for us, and hopefully, they did the same for you as well. Hence, we’ve curated a collection of e-bikes that we feel were the best of the lot! From an electric motorbike that doubles as a reliable exercise machine to a futuristic Tesla Cyberbike – these electric bikes will surely satisfy your need for speed and sustainability!

1. The WAYRA EV-03

The WAYRA EV-03 electric cruiser motorcycle is a 100 percent no gimmick concept that’ll please every kind of rider – be it a cruiser enthusiast, performance lover, or off-roading fanatic. WAYRA EV-03 is a bike high on personality, created keeping in mind the heritage of fat-bikes and cruiser-length bikes, while also having those minimal eye-catchy modern touches to create visual appeal. The presence of café racer aesthetics can also not be denied owing to the low-slung rider positioning. The element of drag racing is evident courtesy of the stretched rear, but the high ride height gives off that dirt bike racer vibe too.

2. Model M

Model M is designed keeping in mind the tight urban spaces, hence, the detachable handlebars make complete sense. The electronic kickstand makes the ride easy to park without any hassles. When it comes to adventure escapades, Tesla Model M has your needs covered. Right where the fuel tank of traditional bikes is, there is a detachable bag with its own battery that powers the lights and the multimedia system. The bag comes with its own start/stop system that acts as an anti-theft mechanism.


Meet the GYMO-FIT concept motorbike that has the typical urban commuter vibes, and a sturdy exercise bike to keep fit. The uncertain times in the last couple of years have prompted people to go for home fitness setups – that’s why exercise bikes have grown in popularity in recent times. But as I said, the excitement to use this fitness equipment quickly fades away. So, isn’t that a waste of money?

4. The NUPO e-sports bike

Equal parts edgy, cyberpunkish, cold, and dominating, the NUPO e-sports bike is clearly the two-wheeled spiritual successor to the Cybertruck. The conceptual two-wheeler is remarkably lithe yet not traditionally aerodynamic. It plays with volumes rather wonderfully, just the way the Cybertruck did, and always opts for simpler surfaces rather than complicated ones. Couple this with that rather cold and calculating light-strip headlight, and the silver paint job and the NUPO look like the electric motorcycle we wish Tesla would make already.

5. The Railway Motorcycle

The Railway Motorcycle is never-before-seen ideation to make the life of railways personnel easier, and more importantly, the safety of railway tracks 100 percent foolproof to avert any major incidents. After all, lives of hundreds of people boarding trains each day depends on these checks. The idea is to have a dual utility two-wheeler that hops on the railway tracks for easy inspection of any fault lines, as well as a stylish bike for when you are not working. Yes, the suspension of this motorbike is done in a way to adjust to the two very different surfaces and modes of riding.

6. The DATbike

Created by Vietnam-based Carota Design, the DATbike is a conceptual dirt bike that explores a dynamic new aesthetic that challenges the status quo. It starts with an incredibly lean frame that’s bare-basics for the most part, barring the heavy battery at the base, and finally, adds a flourish with that beautiful hollow ‘fuel tank’ that makes for an INCREDIBLY interesting silhouette!

7. The EQUULEUS electric mountain patrol bike


Rethinking how a mountain patrol motorbike ought to be, the EQUULEUS electric mountain patrol bike beckons to the future of crime-fighting. This two-wheeler concept is built keeping in mind the riding safety and ample space to keep all the essential tools and equipment. In turn, the forest rangers can patrol inhospitable regions with utmost confidence and freedom to take all the essentials along. Even better, the storage modules loaded in the different sections of the bike are completely detachable, so the rider can tag along tools in the most organized manner possible.

8. Reverso

Meet Reverso, an e-bike that reverses every single automotive design instinct ever. I guess we could attribute its design direction to the Cybertruck, which sort to challenge the norms too with a design that was strikingly different from anything that came before it. The Reverso sits firmly in that class, too, with an aesthetic that I’m struggling to put together in words, only because I can’t really find a frame of reference. None of Reverso’s details or parts look ‘standard,’ and that’s what makes the e-bike look so alluring.

9. The Concept CE 02

Being more than just a mere cool toy, this electric two-wheeler is a futuristic yet simple solution for urban mobility, focusing on city tours to be precise. According to the head of vehicle design, BMW Motorrad, the bike is a skateboard on wheels, developed for anyone who likes to be mobile and independent. The Concept CE 02 has a very minimalist footprint and a low center of gravity – in line with the company’s aspiration to bring a level of design innovation honed by the emotional element, and most of all, the riding fun.

10. The Ronin Bike

The unique sense of flowing aesthetics is something that keeps my fire burning whenever I see a fresh automotive design. The Ronin bike is right up there for its blend of cyberpunk-influenced shapes and metallic inserts. It has a rear left attached long swingarm, which looks a bit odd when viewed from the 6 o’clock position. It almost looks like it’s crippled on one side. However, the front gives the rider a sense of balance and confidence in pushing the throttle, too, with its front leaning position. The headlights and the taillights have a very contrasting yet peculiar design that seems to be inspired by modern appliances. Especially that industrial design dominated headlight residing inside the round metal housing.