This performance-centric electric motorbike is a café racer, cruiser bike and dragster all-in-one

We’ve seen a number of concept bikes featuring outlandish designs – some are genuinely cool while others are penned just for the sake of it. The WAYRA EV-03 electric cruiser motorcycle is a 100 percent no gimmick concept that’ll please every kind of rider – be it a cruiser enthusiast, performance lover or off-roading fanatic.

Keeping in mind the transition towards a cleaner future for vehicles, the rugged yet elegant-looking motorcycle is inspired by the perfect blend of nostalgic memories, definitive styles and the cult favorite tendencies ignited by great brands. Things like the overall frame construction, shape of the powerful engines or the length of the exhaust pipe.

Designer: Pablo Baranoff Dorn

WAYRA EV-03 is a bike high on personality, created keeping in mind the heritage of fat-bikes and cruiser-length bikes, while also having those minimal eye-catchy modern touches to create visual appeal. The presence of café racer aesthetics can also not be denied owing to the low-slung rider positioning. The element of drag racing is evident courtesy of the stretched rear, but the high ride height gives off that dirt bike racer vibe too. The designer drapes the ride in red and silver over the black matte, with an intent to avoid decals for gimmicky looks. The curved body embraces the tank, and the lines that follow the shape are colored – thereby everything centers on the logo and what lays below the tank.

Keeping in with the fusion of retro and modern, the bike gets an onboard display that has a retro digital typeface and interactive screen with the GPS map. The app on your phone mirrors onto the bike display so that everything stays in sync when you have a busy lifestyle. Since we are talking of a cleaner future, the cocktail bike has an optimized battery pack that keeps all your gadgets charged without compromising the bike’s performance or economy.

The fog lights are placed low and get a ring of LEDs with a diffuse area so as to prevent blindness for oncoming drivers. The focused light from the headlights is dispersed so that oncoming traffic sees it as a bigger lit shape coming towards you rather than an irksome light source.