$3,000 Cybertruck Basecamp Tent is an unpolished homeless encampment missing key features

Before the release of the Cybertruck (for eager buyers), Tesla was developing an official accessory with Heimplanet to satiate the needs of adventure junkies. Known as the Cybertruck Basecamp Tent, the sleek and stylish add-on would turn the electric truck into a sporty off-grid camping vehicle for nature lovers.

The accessory has finally shipped for people who pre-booked and unfortunately, it looks nothing like the version promised in the 2019 renders and prototype. Just like the Cybertruck’s overblown bubble hype, the Basecamp Tent for the truck bed looks like a gray blob of unfinished and shabby product that’s more like a homeless encampment.

Designer: Tesla

There are a lot of strings attached when we consider the ease of installation as Tesla recommends owners bring the thing to the service center for initial installation of the brackets. Ideally, that should not be the case as one should be able to seamlessly install it on his/her own. A user on the CybertruckOwnersClub forum says that “forcefully popping out the Aeroflap” just feels like a less-than-premium experience. Removing or reinstalling the Aeroflap compromises the waterproofing at the front of the vault. Also, the plastic pieces/clips hooked from the Aeroflap are susceptible to breaking with repeated use.

Strangely the manual lists down the “Tent Mode” – supposed to self-level on a sloped surface – which apparently doesn’t exist right now. So, should we expect some kind of update or add-on fix it? The second-hearted approach in launching this product is evident from the small little gripes. On a positive note, the Roof Peak clips are easy to locate and attach to the roof, as they fit along the triangle section of the truck’s window. This helps maintain the structural integrity of the tent, and once everything is in place, inflate the tent to set up the base for the night. Another advantage is the space under the stowed basecamp to store essentials. Not to mention the lightweight aesthetics and the use of premium materials.

If the price had been reasonable, my perspective would have been different about all the shortcomings in features and the overall design. But shelling out $3,000 for this unfinished accessory that’s a handful while installing and uninstalling, is not at all justified!