This transparent hull Pininfarina Capitolo catamaran oozes luxury + airiness for leisure in style

A swanky catamaran embodied with the Pininfarina influence is designed for leisure in utmost luxury while having secluded spaces for some me-time.

Italian design house Pininfarina is known to push the limits of creativity and innovation for a variety of fields – automotive being one of them. The Turin-based firm has seen its fair share of yacht designs and now automotive exterior designer Samuele Errico Piccarini and yacht designer Salvatoreandrea Piccirillo have joined forces to propose a Pininfarina branded yacht for the influential and demanding clients. Ones like 45 years old Ryu Cardoso who founded a textile company in Japan. The designers have a very clear motive – to design a yacht for the CEO that caters to his liking of jujutsu, yoga and free swimming.

Hence comes to life this Pininfarina catamaran yacht is inspired by the SEVENTY 7 catamaran and the Sunreef 80 sailing leisure yacht. Christened Capitolo, the yacht adapts the best of both these incredible watercrafts to bring to the fore a luxurious and comfortable experience for the client and his friends. It is highlighted by a transparent design on the sides as well as the front to give the occupants a clear view of the seas they intend to travel on. There is plenty of space on the deck of the multihull to soak up the sun on the sunbeds or set up a barbeque or jacuzzi.

The interior is dominated by an open-plan layout to satiate the needs of Ryu’s requirements. There’s plenty of light courtesy of the clear view panoramic design of the hull. Ambient lighting is done in a way to make the owner and his friends feel at home in utmost luxury. Although the designers have not provided any information about the technical specifications of the Pininfarina Capitolo, I assume it will run hybrid power-assisted by the big sails on top. Overall is a sleekly designed catamaran set to ride on the serene waters for an unparalleled experience.

Designer: Samuele Errico Piccarini