This shape-shifting bike for railway track inspections is a swanky EV when off duty

Railway maintenance personnel have to walk long distances to perform their task. This routine,by the way,can be really taxing in extreme weather conditions and calls for a practical solution that is useful beyond the limits of the railway tracks. Step into the concept design world, and you’ll find the perfect solution with the added perks.

The Railway Motorcycle is never-before-seen ideation to make the life of railways personnel easier, and more importantly, the safety of railway tracks 100 percent fullproof to avert any major incidents. After all lives of hundreds of people boarding trains, each day depends on these checks. The idea is to have a dual utility two-wheeler that hops on the railway tracks for easy inspection of any fault lines, and as a stylish bike for when you are not working. Yes, the suspension of this motorbike is done in a way to adjust to the two very different surfaces, and modes of riding.

Designer: Heqi Wang

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The hubless wheels of this bike radiate the typical character we have come to witless in futuristic concepts seen thus far. Where it differs is the long-wheelbase biased towards the front rather than the rear. Now, that’s something different we get to see with this particular concept design. The electric motor on the Railway Motorcycle is positioned in the center to maintain balance while tilting on sharp curves at high speeds.

In the railway mode, the side sliding panel shifts down to tether with the railway track to prevent any disbalance. Since the wheels in this mode move upwards, the instrument panel, saddle, pedal and taillight ditch the traditional squarish design to make the switch possible. Then when it’s time to switch back to the conventional city driving mode, the side panel moves up into place, and the bike looks like any other futuristic two-wheeler we all in the concept design world are accustomed to seeing.