This minimalist electric dirt bike switches things with a hollow ‘fuel tank’ and a large battery

Created by Vietnam-based Carota Design, the DATbike is a conceptual dirt bike that explores a dynamic new aesthetic that challenges the status quo. It starts with an incredibly lean frame that’s bare-basics for the most part, barring the heavy battery at the base, and finally, adds a flourish with that beautiful hollow ‘fuel tank’ that makes for an INCREDIBLY interesting silhouette!

Designer: Carota Design

An interesting visual experiment by the Ho Chi Minh-based designer, the DATbike looks lean while still sporting a rather base-heavy design. It comes with a simple yet edgy aesthetic, accentuated further by the use of matte and satin finishes, and the grey and orange colorway.

The bike’s lean frame informs the rest of its design. It comes with a slim seat, a linear dashboard that sits on the top pillar of the bike, and even a slim pair of headlights, laid out vertically.

The side view gives you everything you need to see. A mono shock suspension on the rear, twin forks on the front, Carota’s branding along the base, and a bike with a frame that’s built for mischief. The wheels don’t have treads on them, which makes me wonder if the DATbike is more of a track racer than an off-road beast, but the rest of the bike’s ‘lean mean terrain machine’ aesthetic says otherwise.

A closer look reveals the e-bike’s minimalist touch-sensitive dashboard, with a tiny circular screen that gives you all the information you need to know, and what looks like an NFC zone just below to connect your phone to your e-bike.