This Robocop worthy electric bike is a nemesis for the bad guys

As we head into the future, bikes with lean muscular designs are being preferred over their fat counterparts. The Ronin bike is one of them with its Robocop bike-like aesthetics and build.

It’s not that often that I see a motorcycle and instantly feel the urge to hop on, wishing deep down to the core, it somehow meets fruition and I could experience the adrenaline rush for real. Today is the day, I instantly felt a connection with this cool electric bike which has a definitive big boy’s league feel to it. The ride dubbed Ronin could be labeled a café racer, or maybe a circuit racer – in fact, it has no strings attached since the designer imagines it as a blank canvas. Any which way this two-wheeled beauty ticks the right boxes to give automotive lovers those butterflies in the stomach.

Desinger: Daniel Kemnitz

Alright enough of the emotional mongering, and we talk about its electric drivetrain innards. The motorcycle is powered by an electric battery for daily commutes when overclocked (I happen to be a gadget freak too) power delivery is not necessary. There are dual hydrogen fuel cells for extended range or added oomph for those open freeways. Most importantly these fuel cells can be instantly swapped without the need for any tools.

The unique sense of flowing aesthetics is something that keeps my fire burning whenever I see a fresh automotive design. The Ronin bike is right up there for its blend of cyberpunk-influenced shapes and metallic inserts. It has a rear left attached long swingarm which looks a bit odd when viewed from the 6 0’clock positions. It almost looks like it’s crippled on one side. However, the front gives the rider a sense of balance and confidence in pushing the throttle too with its front leaning position.

The headlights and the taillights have a very contrasting yet peculiar design that seems to be inspired by modern appliances. Especially that industrial design dominated headlight residing inside the round metal housing.