This electric mountain patrol bike makes a ranger’s task easier in tough terrain

Patrol motorcycles like BMW R 1200 RT-P, Yamaha FJR1300, or the Harley Davidson Street 750 are readily used by law enforcement agencies around the world. All of these machines are the first choice for keeping the bad guys in check, thanks to their power-to-weight ratio, agile handling, and storage space to keep all the tools handy.

Rethinking how a mountain patrol motorbike ought to be, the EQUULEUS electric mountain patrol bike beckons to the future of crime-fighting. This two-wheeler concept is built keeping in mind the riding safety and ample space to keep all the essential tools and equipment. In turn, the forest rangers can patrol inhospitable regions with utmost confidence and freedom to take all the essentials along. Even better, the storage modules loaded in the different sections of the bike are completely detachable, so, the rider can tag along tools in the most organized manner possible.

Designer: Ethan Hsu

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In total there are five waterproof storage modules – two embedded on each of the sidepods and one on the rear. Three have 30 liters capacity while the other are 40 liters each. That’s plenty of space to store all the needed stuff without inducing imbalance. The contoured dashboard displays vital telemetry including the battery charge levels, navigation maps, altitude, compass and pre-designated waypoints.

A normal day in the life of a mountain patrol ranger gets much easier with the QEUULEUS electric bike. Load the needed tools in the respective toolboxes, set the destination on the GPS, and once the destination is reached – take out the toolbox to finish the required tasks. The robust electric bike keeps the center of gravity right where the rider leans the weight, therefore, making it ultra-stable on any kind of treacherous trail. Apart from all this, I can go on talking endlessly about the sharp looks and the intimidating front stance. However, I’ll let the design renders and scaled model do all the talking!