BMW-inspired automotives designed to get the hearts of speed lovers thumping

Companies like BMW, Audi, and Mercedez-Benz have reached iconic status when it comes to luxury Automotives! Their cars are specimens of ingenious design backed by menacing speed. However, there’s something about the BMW automobiles that gets my heart thumping just a little more. BMW cars are high on utility, performance, speed, and craftsmanship, and not to mention they even exhibit a level of artistry. Automobile fanatics and designers clammer at the release of a fresh and fierce BMW design, and in the anticipation of one, they often find themselves inspired and engaged! The result is a plethora of innovative and jaw-dropping concept designs. And here we’ve collected the best of these BMW-inspired concepts for you. You would love to actually see them on the road, I’m sure!

1. The BMW Motorrad CH4 superbike

This drop-dead gorgeous café racer designed by Sabino Leerentveld instantly sparks the visuals of Tony Stark taking on the bad guys in sublime style. The ability to snake through the crowded city streets in hot pursuit, or simply show off the sublime style quotient arriving at the next big Stark Industries meeting. Complementing the Iron Man helmet when it comes to life, the BMW Motorrad CH4 superbike has Tony Stark influence written all over it. Right from the aerodynamic geometric shape to the big fat wheels meant for a high-speed adrenaline rush.

2. The hybrid BMW IM Vision sports car

Meet the hybrid BMW IM Vision sports car tailored for the rush of speed while being sensibly powered by an advanced electric engine. The highest possible efficiency level fused with the sharp looks and mind-boggling horsepower and bhp – well, that’s a rare combination anyone would fall for! The design is inspired by the aerodynamic figure of future-proof fighter planes like Stealth bombers – which explains the sharp geometric shapes on this one. The exposed structure is influenced by the clear view mono cabin of the war machines.

3. The BMW Motorrad concept

The BMW Motorrad concept envisioned by Jeroen Claus, Design Director at FRANK Industrial Design, this racing beast shaves off the fat muscle (nothing demeaning though) for a sleeker look apt for the Gen-Z riders. As Jeroen himself defines it as a chopped-off BMW R9T custom motorcycle design. The side fenders flow into the front of the bike, covering off the headlight section, giving it a stealth bomber-like persona.

4. The i Vision Circular Concept

BMW i Vision Circular Concept

The i Vision Circular Concept debuted at the Munich Auto Show as BMW’s first-ever ‘100% recyclable’ car. Designed for the year 2040, the i Vision Circular Concept comes with a design featuring parts that are completely detachable (thanks to the use of intelligent fasteners like cords and press-fit joints instead of glue and welding) and easy to fix/repair. The car’s body is made from recycled aluminum, its interiors use fabric made from recycled plastic, and even the tires are made from a “sustainably cultivated” natural rubber.

5. The Razorite

Meet The Razorite, an all-electric BMW I8 sports car concept envisioning the iconic i8’s rise as a phoenix from the ashes after going out of production in 2021 and looking for a strong comeback if the German automaker brings it back to life. The all-carbon black paint job highlighted by the Alpine, Yokohama, AEM, and ADVAN livery makes this sports car concept something that’s destined to be the dream car material – one that you desperately want to take control of behind the wheel.

6. The KF33 electric motorcycle

The KF33 electric motorcycle by Rodrigo Magro Mañas is a cyber bike that gives a purview of the automotive industry a decade into the future. Rodrigo provides the motorbike with a fat belly to accommodate all the mechanical parts and, of course, the battery.  Looking at this bike, the first thought that struck my mind was the above-mentioned battery/motor compartment. It is humongous! Given that the designer intended it to be a  café racer, I’d imagine the “fuel tank” to be much smaller. You will need the bike to bounce from one café to another with plenty of time in between to charge it, while you hang out with your café buds (or bud-lights)

7. The Concept CE 02

Being more than just a mere cool toy, this electric two-wheeler is a futuristic yet simple solution for urban mobility, focusing on city tours to be precise. According to the head of vehicle design, BMW Motorrad, the bike is a skateboard on wheels, developed for anyone who likes to be mobile and independent. The Concept CE 02 has a very minimalist footprint and a low center of gravity – in line with the company’s aspiration to bring a level of design innovation honed by the emotional element, and most of all, the riding fun.

8. The BMW Ki Concept

Salvatore Ville, a car designer at Tata Motors, takes his bikes seriously, probably why he embarked on modifying the design of a BMW K100 into an attractive café racer. Salvatore says he wanted to give the bike a sensual appeal by giving it sexy proportions. According to him, the BMW Ki Concept embodies the aesthetic heritage from the yesteryears, in a shape that’s not limited by the norms of the law. The bike is powered by an electric motor and manages to retain BMW’s DNA in totality.

9. The BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY

A completely new concept between bicycle and motorbike, this concept focuses on the emotional connection between the user and the vehicle, taking it beyond a simple machine to a ‘partner in crime’. With its graphic yet dirtbike-like design, the sleekness of the concept focuses on the bicycle-like aesthetics with the functionality and soul of a BMW Enduro motorbike. It is this balancing act that makes it the perfect urban bike as well as a design that can go farther/longer ahead with you when you need it to.

10. Connected Dynamics

This renewed vision of a hair-raising four-wheeler with a refreshing CMF concept lies right in the realms of automotive designs that strike the right balance between form and function. A very tightly knit body design that flows from the front to the back, urging the onlookers to just be bemused by its presence on the road. The wide stance makes the car generate tons of aerodynamics efficiency and the assurance to stay glued to the tarmac as speeds hit in excess of 185 miles per hour.