This sleek BMW i8 concept hints the revival of hybrid car revolution

Meet The Razorite, an all-electric BMW I8 sports car concept envisioning the iconic i8’s rise as a phoenix from the ashes after going out of production in 2021 and looking for a strong comeback if the German automaker brings it back to life.

BMW i8 plug-in hybrid is a name synonymous with sustainability to date since it kicked off the eco-friendly revolution back in 2014. The innovative hybrid sports car was taken out of production last year, but with a bang in 18 unique colors of the last units. A part of discontinuing the car’s production is to revive the whole hybrid philosophy at BMW and all is not lost as the car might see a comeback in coming years. The next version will be more powerful and ready to take on the dominance of Tesla in a big way.

Waiting for that resurrection I’m, and how the modern version of the iconic sports car will look like, is my deepest curiosity. Design student Harsh Sokal gives my intangible curiosity, able wings, courtesy of this BMW I8 concept. Harsh calls it The Razorite, and this all-electric sports car looks to be the worthy successor of the highly acclaimed hybrid car of the last decade – the BMW i8 in every possible aspect. The focus here is on the touring character of the car hinting at the sustainable future of circuit racing sans any impact on the already deteriorating environment.

Rather than completely revamping the visual dynamics of the i8 into an outrageous concept that defies reason, Harsh has mindfully made those cohesive changes and additions to retain the original’s slick aura. The all-carbon black paint job highlighted by the Alpine, Yokohama, AEM and ADVAN livery makes this sports car concept something that’s destined to be the dream car material – one that you desperately want to take control of of behind the wheel.

The black color schematic flows over to the fat Yokohama ADVAN performance tires – hinting towards the car’s racing DNA. This black draping is subtly matched to the yellow trims on the wheel rims, headlights, and the front grill. This revamped BMW i8 is definitely a masterpiece – raring to come alive on the streets and racing circuits with its charm to bamboozle them all!

Designer: Harsh Sokal