This BMW Motorrad superbike radiates those sick Iron Man helmet vibes

A café racer built for the kill with a definitive sense of balanced beefy look. This superbike concept is a good reference point for future BMW Motorrad bikes, and for Marvels to ponder over a cool two-wheeled machine for Tony Stark to save the world from the clutches of evil without much fuzz!

Iron Man is one of the most happening superheroes who lives life in the fast lane while dealing with wicked terrorist groups. All that fame, charmer’s appeal, and rides of choice like the Audi R8 go well with Tony Stark’s image. So, how about adding a dapper two-wheeled ride to the collection?

Designer: Sabino Leerentveld

This drop-dead gorgeous café racer designed by Sabino Leerentveld instantly sparks the visuals of Tony taking on the bad guys in sublime style. The ability to snake through the crowded city streets in hot pursuit, or simply show off the sublime style quotient arriving at the next big Stark Industries meeting. Complementing the Iron Man helmet when it comes to life, the BMW Motorrad CH4 superbike has Tony Stark influence written all over it. Right from the aerodynamic geometric shape to the big fat wheels meant for a high-speed adrenaline rush.

The dual-toned bike comes in cool white & black combo for weekday commutes, while the striking metallic silver and yellow combo is a god sent for the weekend fun. Sabino keeps the rear half and side body of the bike exposed – revealing the muscular character of the hunky ride. Just look at that dual wishbone suspension, reinforced swingarm, big exhaust pipes, and the drive motor giving it the luring appeal modern bikers will find hard to resist.

If you ask me, this motorbike is an instant attention grabber. Who wouldn’t want to take this one for a high-speed stint on an open highway? The BMW Motorrad clan identity is instantly identifiable with the subtle contours mated to the sharp looks. CH4 is rightfully the Chris Bumstead of the superbike world – just look at those contrasting body parts shaped like toned muscles!