BMW IM Vision is the perfect cocktail EV for street circuits

BMW is edging forward into the future in both ecologically sustainable design and vehicle performance with the BMW i and the M series respectively. While the former is focused on shaping the future for a holistic approach to designing zero-emission vehicles, the latter is more inclined towards peak performance on the professional circuits and eligible street tracks.

When you mash up these polar opposites, the result is a supercar that’s high on striking looks to kill and a drivetrain meant to have the least impact on the environment. Perhaps the perfect cocktail for a practical beastly ride that actually seems intended for purists. Meet the hybrid BMW IM Vision sports car tailored for the rush of speed while being sensibly powered by an advanced electric engine. The highest possible efficiency level fused with the sharp looks and mind-boggling horsepower and bhp – well, that’s a rare combination anyone would fall for!

Designer: Rizu Koley

The design is inspired by the aerodynamic figure of the future-proof fighter planes like Stealth bomber – which explains the sharp geometric shapes on this one. The exposed structure is influenced by the clear view mono cabin of the war machines. Obviously, the DNA of both the BMW i and M series cars is very apparent in the front grille section, the sidepods, and the sporty rear with that big spoiler.

I can’t help but appreciate the exposed front wheels which give way to a side cutout for air channeling to the electric engine to churn out better performance at the most efficient rating. While the paper-thin low ride height won’t make you steer this baby on the outskirts of the city, it’s better advised to keep it within the confines of a race circuit. After all, you don’t want to hit a speed breaker or bump on the streets and damage the underside.