The ultimate exercise equipment you need to workout + get fit in the comfort of your own home

Gyms have opened up, and our workout routines have finally achieved a certain semblance of normalcy at this point! However, if you’re still a bit of a lazy bum (like me), and actually landing up at the gym can feel like a task on most days – then this collection of designs is for you. This collection of exercise equipment will not only motivate you to work out in the comfort of your own home, but will also ensure you stick to your daily exercise routine in the future. From a vertical exercise machine that makes climbing the new at-home high-intensity workout to a spinning bike with a more approachable look that is ideal for our modern homes  – these innovative exercise equipment will prevent you from skipping leg day!

1. Peleton Vibe

Peloton Vibe caters to every sense and muscle from start to finish, it is truly a whole vibe. The bench has a unique multi-position arm that can be moved to work with a variety of exercises. The lower portion stores a set of dumbbells that help expand to a larger range of guided workouts by the Peloton App service. Once you complete your workout, the bench seat and arm surface seamlessly transform into a massage experience. It utilizes built-in massage balls that can rotate and heat up based on your preferences. At-home gym equipment AND at-home spa? I would work out more often simply so I can make the most of the heated massage feature.


This concept for a spinning bike called AROUND tries to have a softer look as compared to those super serious exercise bikes you see in the gyms. The light gray color makes it more approachable and the flywheel body design makes it ideal to have at home, as part of your living room furniture, or even in your bedroom. The mood board for their design concept includes mollusks and portable water purifiers as well as other previous designs from Yifeeling.

3. The Fiture fitness mirror

The first and the most apparent is that the Fiture fitness mirror actually looks more like a fancy home mirror than a machine masquerading as one. While the generically named “The Mirror” also lays claim to that title, the Fiture does one better by offering five colorways to match your decor or wallpaper. The shape of the mirror itself is more visually pleasing, employing rounded corners and brushed metal surfaces to make the frame look more aesthetic. The U-shaped legs provide stability when the mirror isn’t mounted on the wall while also giving it a more distinctive style.

4. Floe

Recognized by Good Design for 2021’s Sport and Lifestyle category, Floe appears as a simple, backless bench, but hidden storage compartments reveal much more. Stocked with everything you might need in the gym, including a yoga mat, foam roller, kettlebell, and medicine ball, Floe even comes with a virtual coaching feature similar to the services found on Peloton. Equipped with an extendable viewing stand and iPad, Floe users can follow along with programmed workouts in the comfort of their own homes. From yoga to weight training, Floe offers it all and transforms back into an inconspicuous entryway bench once the sweat session ends.


Having garnered the support of world-class sportspeople like LeBron James among other Olympic athletes, WHOOP has revolutionized human fitness and performance through its combination of tracking physiological data and providing real-time effective coaching to help reduce injury and boost performance. Currently, in its 4th edition, the band, created by design studio Aruliden for WHOOP, sports a smaller, smarter, more streamlined design that features the tracking device itself, along with an interchangeable fabric band that lets you simply and easily swap bands to suit your fashion needs or match your outfit.

6. The Seletti LVDIS Marble Weights

LVDIS Seletti Alessandro Zambelli Marble Fitness Equipment Design

LVDIS Seletti Alessandro Zambelli Marble Fitness Equipment

Designed by Italian designer Alessandro Zambelli, these marble weights are a sight for sore eyes. And, if you’re tired of the smelly and rusty weights in your home gym, you may consider the marble. The set is one-of-a-kind as we’ve never really imagined marble could be used. The inspiration for the Seletti LVDIS Marble Weights is ancient Rome. It makes sense since sports used to be very important in ancient Rome and Greece. The ancient games would draw big crowds for centuries, and to copy the experience, the LVDIS is here to offer inspiration.

7. The ARENA

The ARENA creates a workout system that can be used across over 300 movement types and in tandem with multiple styles from strength training to cardio, HIIT, athletic training, conditioning, weight-loss, and even recovery. ARENA provides a physical platform for you to work out on, while a motor-controlled high-performance cable passes from within it, giving you the ability to simulate a variety of exercises. The cable is controlled by algorithms within the ARENA that can simulate any force curve as well as dynamically adapt to users speed of movement to help you achieve your desired training result (muscle gain, weight loss…)

8. The TechnoGym Bench

The TechnoGym Bench is your perfect alibi towards the goal of a healthy lifestyle without any unnecessary frills. This sleek and versatile bench holds all your workout tools and doubles as a workout leverage point for many different exercises. Thus, satisfying your need for a complete workout from the confines of your home if you are skeptical about heading to the gym amidst the ongoing pandemic. The functional training kit includes a myriad of over 200 body workouts. There are tools such as elastic bands, hexagon dumbbells, weighted knuckles, and a training mat – in a compact footprint to cater to all your workout needs. Perfect for small apartments or urban spaces where space is at a premium.

9. The CLMBR

Meet the CLMBR, it’s a combination of an elliptical trainer, a bench-press, a stationary cycle, and has elements of cardio dancing, HIIT training, and even rock-climbing in it. Designed to give every single muscle in your body an intense workout, the CLMBR helps 60% more calories than running, rowing & bike workouts… and its vertical design allows it to fit into the smallest of homes and rooms. On the floor, the CLMBR occupies roughly 3×3 feet of space or about as much as two doormats. Most of the CLMBR’s gear is oriented vertically, which allows it to do two things – A. Occupy a fraction of the space of a home-gym yet give you all of it, and B. Use gravity to its advantage to make your workouts more intense and effective.


To ensure portability and convenience, the ONEBOT-S7 uses a unique three-fold structure – as opposed to the two-step folding design that we all are familiar with – which makes the e-bike ultra-compact when folded so it can fit in the boot of the car or slide under your workstation (however and wherever you please to use it). Compressed into the smallest single unit possible, this e-bike when folded measure only 60cm in height and length and just 35cm in width. ONEBOT-S7 is fitted with a removable battery pack in the frame, tucked neatly under the seat post. It sits there unobstructed and blends with the uniform frame design and colorway eliminating any distraction from the chrome-like finish of the e-bike.