This fitness system brings the gym to your living room with a virtual coach and IKEA-inspired aesthetics!

Floe is a fully stocked home gym system that comes with everything from weight training accessories to virtual coaching features to bring the convenience of a private gym to the comfort of your living room.

The pandemic changed the at-home fitness game forever. Stuck at home during quarantine, fitness was at forefront of our minds. Without access to public or private gyms, our homes transformed into temporary fitness centers. Our living rooms, basements, and offices became multipurpose rooms filled with a mix of work desks, kettlebells, smart televisions, and yoga mats. Consolidating all of our fitness needs into a single product, Australian design group Blue Sky created Floe Fit, an at-home fitness system that has it all, including virtual coaching.

Recognized by Good Design for 2021’s Sport and Lifestyle category, Floe appears as a simple, backless bench, but hidden storage compartments reveal much more. Stocked with everything you might need in the gym, including a yoga mat, foam roller, kettlebell, and medicine ball, Floe even comes with a virtual coaching feature similar to the services found on Peloton. Equipped with an extendable viewing stand and iPad, Floe users can follow along with programmed workouts in the comfort of their own homes. From yoga to weight training, Floe offers it all and transforms back into an inconspicuous entryway bench once the sweat session ends.


Featuring hidden storage compartments and slide-out drawers, Floe looks like any other piece of furniture during the day, adapting nicely to any living room or office. Then, when the need for movement starts to itch, Floe instantly turns into your personal home gym, providing you with everything you might need for a good sweat. From virtual training to weight training accessories, Floe’s winning the at-home fitness game.

Designer: Blue Sky Design Group