This lipstick-inspired portable fan helps keep you cool anytime, anywhere

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Climate change is real, and it is not just a hoax; sadly, some people don’t believe in the concept. It is a global phenomenon affecting many people and environments on the planet. Not everyone may be feeling the effects in their part of the world yet, but it is happening. With it comes many consequences as global warming intensifies yearly unless we do something about it. Before a significant solution is identified, we need to look for practical ways to survive climate change.

Designer: Shan Liang (STYLEPIE Design)

STYLE Pocket Fan Concept Product Design

For tropical countries, you may need to prepare bigger this year as it is expected to be warmer. You can plan your travel this summer but still with caution because the pandemic is not yet over. The beach can be the perfect destination because of the calm and cool ocean, but we acknowledge it will still be warm. If you’re not up for a beach trip, you may go to the park for a picnic or attend whatever events are happening in your area.

STYLE Pocket Fan

Wherever you go or whatever you choose to do, you need to make sure to stay cool, especially if you’re outside. As much as we want to stay inside air-conditioned rooms all the time, we still have to go out to meet people and do errands. So prepare by bringing a portable fan with you, as this will help you survive the sweltering weather outside. The STYLE Pocket Fan is one portable fan that can fit just right in your pocket or purse. It is inspired by a lipstick you usually find in most ladies’ bags; however, this isn’t limited to the girls only because everyone needs a fan.

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The STYLE Pocket Fan is one fashionable, portable, and practical personal cooling device. It is easy to carry and use just like lipstick because of its size and silhouette. And like a lipstick, you need to remove the cap to reveal the blades. Put back the cap in a reverse position to keep it in place. A small power button is found on one end near the transparent blades. There is also one USB-C port on the other end with an LED indicator. It can be assumed the material is plastic because of how it looks. But we won’t be surprised if the main case is metal because it can handle heat better.

Concept STYLE Pocket Fan

Designed by Shan Liang, the STYLE Pocket Fan is available in three colors: White, Orange, and Pink. It can be the ideal summer essential, especially for those always on the go—or simply those who want to survive the blazing heatwaves. You can bring this with you anywhere and anytime, but make sure it is always charged. You don’t really have to worry about its size and portability. It’s just that the small blades may not be enough for some people. It’s good enough though to circulate cool air and provide you with some reprieve from the heat.

STYLE Pocket Fan Design

Concept Product STYLE Pocket Fan

STYLE Pocket Fan Concept Product

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