Seletti LVDIS Marble Fitness Equipment inspired by ancient Rome

LVDIS Seletti Alessandro Zambelli Marble Fitness Equipment Design

Working out doesn’t have to be boring, especially now there is plenty of tools, equipment, shoes, and athleisure wear available on the market. The gym equipment industry has come to a point where brands and manufacturers can design the products as they please.

Your dumbbells and plates for weight lifting shouldn’t just remain black. The material doesn’t always have to be always metal either, as alternatives are available. We are still raving about the Kenko Sports Equipment because of its minimalist aesthetic and sustainable approach. There was also the Hi Moon Kettlebell that could very well be mistaken for a wireless speaker. The products may be taken over soon by the marble equipment series from Seletti.

Designer: Alessandro Zambelli

LVDIS Seletti Alessandro Zambelli Marble Fitness Equipment

Designed by Italian designer Alessandro Zambelli, these marble weights are a sight for sore eyes. And, if you’re tired of the smelly and rusty weights in your home gym, you may consider the marble. The set is one-of-a-kind as we’ve never really imagined marble could be used.

The inspiration for the Seletti LVDIS Marble Weights is ancient Rome. It makes sense since sports used to be very important in ancient Rome and Greece. The ancient games would draw big crowds for centuries, and to copy the experience, the LVDIS is here to offer inspiration.

Lvdis Set 2 Dumbell KG. 3

Lvdis Set 2 Dumbell KG. 2

LVDIS (ludis) means “sports” in Latin, so this set of marble weights has everything to do with sports. Unfortunately, some people forget that weightlifting is a sport, but LVDIS will change all that. And even if you don’t lift weights or are not interested in getting fit, you can still have these dumbbells to display at home.

Showing off a beautiful set of marble weights seems pretentious, but that’s what excellent design delivers—inspiration. So display the LVDIS somewhere at home; maybe you’ll be inspired to get moving finally. Each piece is beautifully made with immaculate white marble and appears like a piece of art you may want to showcase.

Lvdis Marble Disk

Lvdis Marble Kettlebell

The Seletti LVDIS series of marble weights can be considered art. They are sculptural in many ways while still being utilitarian. This isn’t the first series designed by Zambelli for Seletti. She has previously designed tableware and other decorative objects for the brand that connects design to pop art. A few years ago, we saw the Woodspot Lamp that we mentioned could hit the right spot.

Lvdis Set 2 Dumbell KG. 2 A

LVDIS Seletti Alessandro Zambelli Marble Fitness Equipment Price

Seletti believes in blending art with daily life icons and allowing a vision for a unique yet fun lifestyle. Seletti’s idea of beauty involves innovation at originality, which is an ongoing journey. We can expect more similar products with minimalist aesthetics will be conceptualized and manufactured.

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