Fiture offers a stylish fitness mirror that can fit with your room decor

There has been an uptick in personal fitness equipment and platforms in the past two years or so, with many people stuck at home and having no access to public gyms or outdoor spaces. Some of these seemed exorbitantly overpriced while offering little over common exercise machines. Others, on the other hand, are more accessible but make no effort to hide their less than aesthetic appearances. Striking a balance between useful and beautiful has been a delicate dancing act for many new companies, but one newcomer believes it has struck gold with a smart home device that lets you do your exercise in the privacy of your own room while it looks almost as pretty as your bedroom’s full-length mirror. In fact, it actually works like one.

Designer: Fiture

Fitness mirrors are not completely new, but they experienced a spike in interest and popularity in the past months as people tried to cope with having no access to gyms or personal trainers at home. The idea is to have a device that lets you communicate with a remote trainer while you go through your exercises at home. The mirror acts as a display that guides you through the reps while a trainer watches you from the other side of the wire. There are already quite a few of these in the market, but Fiture believes it has a better chance of ending up in your house because of two differentiating features.

The first and the most apparent is that the Fiture fitness mirror actually looks more like a fancy home mirror than a machine masquerading as one. While the generically named “The Mirror” also lays claim to that title, the Fiture does one better by offering five colorways to match your decor or wallpaper. The shape of the mirror itself is more visually pleasing, employing rounded corners and brushed metal surfaces to make the frame look more aesthetic. The U-shaped legs provide stability when the mirror isn’t mounted on the wall while also giving it a more distinctive style.

Unlike other fitness mirrors, however, the Fiture isn’t a two-way mirror into your house, one of the biggest concerns interested buyers have. It’s for this purpose that the company invented what it calls “Motion Engine Technology” to protect your privacy. In a nutshell, the mirror and your trainer only see skeleton points as you move, so you can work out with bed hair, and no one will be the wiser. When not in use, you can even put on the magnetic camera cover to completely block out even this AI-based technology.

The Fiture isn’t cheap, of course, especially when you add the monthly subscription that gives you access to content and trainers. Then again, you might end up paying more with a gym membership that doesn’t give you the same privacy and convenience of an at-home workout. Plus, you also get to have a full-body mirror that doesn’t look like a fitness device when not in use. Just don’t forget to put on the camera cover when you’re dong using it, just in case.