This vertical exercise machine makes climbing the new at home high intensity workout

Move over Peloton, there’s a new high-intensity workout in town. Meet the CLMBR, it’s a combination of an elliptical trainer, a bench-press, a stationary cycle, and has elements of cardio dancing, HIIT training, and even rock-climbing in it. Designed to give every single muscle in your body an intense workout, the CLMBR helps 60% more calories than running, rowing & bike workouts… and its vertical design allows it to fit into the smallest of homes and rooms.

On the floor, the CLMBR occupies roughly 3×3 feet of space, or about as much as two doormats. Most of the CLMBR’s gear is oriented vertically, which allows it to do two things – A. Occupy a fraction of the space of a home-gym yet give you all of it, and B. Use gravity to its advantage to make your workouts more intense and effective. The CLMBR uses resistance training to burn calories. It features a pair of moving handles and steps, a lot like an elliptical, but relies on a vertical sliding channel instead of an elliptical one. A sweatproof HD touchscreen sits just a few inches from your face, giving you an immersive training experience along with CLMBR’s in-built surround sound system. The interface allows you to choose from a variety of exercises across multiple experience levels. Face-to-face sessions with top fitness instructors help you burn those pounds, while the screen even gives you a breakdown of your workout in real-time.

The CLMBR comes fabricated from strong yet lightweight cast + extruded aluminum sections. A Kevlar reinforced belt helps you get through the most intense workouts, while the machine’s high-grade ball-bearing system ensures a smooth and quiet workout. Adjustable handles let you customize the CLMBR based on your height (between 5-7ft) and discrete resistance settings let you modify how easy or hard your workout is, based on your experience level. When all’s said and done, premium caster wheels on the base of the CLMBR let you roll the machine away into the corner of a room, where it should occupy no more space than a minimalist bookshelf. Your spin-bike wishes it were this efficiently designed.

Designer: Nat Carruthers of CLMBR

Click Here to Buy Now: $1999 $4999 (60% off). Raised over $1,050,000.

CLMBR – The Most Efficient Cardio & Strength Machine

The CLMBR is a climbing and fitness machine that offers an efficient, full-body, low impact workout that burns up to 60% more calories than cycling, rowing, and running.

Delivers a better workout in half the time.

The design supports the natural athletic posture of the body, and all doing movements the human body has evolved to do.

Development of CLMBR

Watch behind-the-scenes development of CLMBR.

The Smallest Footprint Packed With Tech

Fully Immersive Experience

High def sound keeps you in the zone. The unobstructed, HD touchscreen monitor is where you can watch the pounds melt off.

Motivation at Home

Face-to-face with top fitness instructors, leading you through every part of your climb, pushing you to reach higher.

Compact Design & Simple Setup

Fits in any room with a ceiling 8 feet in height. To setup, simply plug in the CLMBR machine and tap the companion app.

On-demand Library

Use the large format touchscreen display to choose your class based on your desired workout style, music type, or instructor preference.

Join online courses with world-class instructors and track your workouts.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1999 $4999 (60% off). Raised over $1,050,000.