Spinning bike concept brings more approachable look for home use

While it’s probably healthier and better for you if you ride an actual bike outside, there are times and situations when that is not possible (like, in my case, if you don’t know how to ride a bike). A favorite exercise routine for a lot of people is going spinning on their indoor exercise bikes. For beginners though, it can look challenging getting on those machines especially if the bike has a lot of controls and buttons. So a design for a bike for home and family use should look approachable and less intimidating.

Designer: Yifeeling Design Lab

This concept for a spinning bike called AROUND tries to have a softer look as compared to those super serious exercise bikes you see in the gyms. The light gray color makes it more approachable and the flywheel body design makes it ideal to have at home, as part of your living room furniture, or even in your bedroom. The mood board for their design concept includes mollusks and portable water purifiers as well as other previous designs from Yifeeling.

This exercise bike also has a tuyere-like design instead of just the regular faucet handle seen on exercise machines so you get a bit of breeze while you’re spinning. This should be able to simulate the air flowing through you at least if you’re biking outdoors. There’s a small monitor in the handle so you can watch something while biking as some find it a bit boring to just cycle indoors. There’s also a screen to show your statistics like heart rate, speed, calories burned, etc.

One complaint I have with most exercise bikes I’ve tried is that the seat itself is pretty uncomfortable. Of course, comfort is not the main thing you’re going for when what you want is to burn calories and do your workouts. But it would be great if the seat would not cause you too much stress. From the product renders, the seat looks to be pretty similar to the other ones in the market so I guess this is something all these spinning bikes have in common.