This versatile furniture is an all-in-one training bench that balances your home and fitness routine!

This intuitively designed all-inclusive weight training bench brings loads of useful workouts in a compact form factor – making it a practical solution for fitness addicts who like in small apartments.

Keeping your body in toned muscular shape is much harder than it seems – requiring consistency and a focused mindset over a long period of time. There are limitless options on the market for gym equipment that promises prime health, but only a handful actually motivate the user to get into action, each day without any lack-luster approach. It is advantageous if the home workout equipment you have is not too bulky and ultra-easy to use. After all, who wants to jostle around with complicated equipment which is frustrating as hell?

The TechnoGym Bench is your perfect alibi towards the goal of a healthy lifestyle without any unnecessary frills. This sleek and versatile bench holds all your workout tools and doubles as a workout leverage point for many different exercises. Thus, satisfying your need for a complete workout from the confines of your home if you are skeptical about heading to the gym amidst the ongoing pandemic. The functional training kit includes a myriad of over 200 body workouts. There are tools such as elastic bands, hexagon dumbbells, weighted knuckles and a training mat – in a compact footprint to cater to all your workout needs. Perfect for small apartments or urban spaces where space is at a premium.

The versatile workout bench comes with integrated wheels for ultra-portability and safe storage when not in use. The dedicated space to keep the dumbbells, elastic bands, weighted knuckles, and more accessories give this workout bench a tactical edge over other similar-looking equipment. Moreover, it comes with a library of around 30-minute workout videos to keep you on track to getting fitter by the day. So, whether you want to work out your core with the Jackknife technique, have a biceps curl and triceps kickback, or pump up the gluts and hamstrings – TechnoGym Bench is the one thing that you’ll need at home!

Designer: TechnoGym

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