This smart resistance training device gives you a portable gym with 300 different exercises

The term ‘black box’ is used to describe the part of the airplane that’s the most resilient/robust. It also happens to be the part that stores all the flight telemetry and information, giving you a precise outline of second-to-second changes during a flight. In that regard, the ARENA is kind of like a black box version of a gym. It helps that it’s literally shaped like a black box too!

Underneath this black slab sits a versatile training machine, capable of bringing the gym experience anywhere. Simply put, it’s a portable resistance trainer… but that description wouldn’t really do it justice. On the inside is a robotic system that’ with resistance that is controlled via the ARENA app, while also being able to track all aspects of your workouts, giving you a breakdown of how you performed… quite like a black box.

The ARENA creates a workout system that can be used across over 300 movement types and in tandem with multiple styles from strength training to cardio, HIIT, athletic training, conditioning, weight-loss, and even recovery. ARENA provides a physical platform for you to work out on, while a motor controlled high performance cable passes from within it, giving you the ability to simulate a variety of exercises. The cable is controlled by algorithms within the ARENA that can simulate any force curve as well as dynamically adapt to users speed of movement to help you achieve your desired training result (muscle gain, weight-loss…). Through the ARENA app on your phone, you can choose the resistance you want instantaneously, from 0-200lbs. Apart from controlling resistance, the machine tracks your performance in real-time too, calculating your progress, calories, velocity, reps, and using that to quantify your workout into what the ARENA app calls an Impact Score™. The app takes you through workouts of your choice, tracking your progress and matching it to your goals, and even telling you when to rest.

All this fits into a box that weighs 38lbs and is compact enough to fit under a bed, or even in the trunk of a car. Designed to be portable enough to be carried anywhere, the ARENA lets you work out anywhere, at home, in the yard, at the park, on the pier, or even on a retreat (if you’re the kind of person who exercises on a retreat). The internal machine does run on a battery that requires charging, but thanks to ARENA’s regenerative charging feature, your workouts actively get converted into energy that keeps the battery running for up to 30 days, which means you need to charge the ARENA just once a month. Designed and manufactured in USA, each ARENA comes with 4 different accessories that let you perform a variety of exercises, along with an accessories bag made from Dyneema (you also get a high-performance olympic style bar, a premium hip belt, and a plyometric training mat on the Pro tier). The ARENA app lets you set up your training profile, choose from its entire library of training courses/movements, exercise alongside ARENA’s roster of athletes (for the competitive folk), and even get access to 1-on-1 virtual training and consultation with ARENA’s team of coaches.

Designers: Juan Duque & Albert Matheny

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ARENA – The Next Generation Portable Smart Gym

The ARENA is a robotic, portable all-in-one smart gym that generates up to 200 pounds of resistance to help you build strength and burn calories faster.

300+ Movements

Unlock your movement potential and achieve incredible results.

200 lbs Resistance Weighs < 40 lbs

Control and change the weight instantaneously with your phone.

The Power of Eccentric Training

Increased load during the eccentric phase improves training efficiency and effect.

30-minute Workout Compared

Effective and efficient training modality for strength and conditioning.

Go Anywhere with Green Tech

No plugs, no walls, no installation. The first gym with regenerative charging technology. 30 days of training on a single charge.

Inspired by high performance electric cars.

Engineering & Design

Train Smarter

Click here to Buy Now: $1999 $2940 (32% off). Hurry, only 12 left!