Moonsetter Floor Lamp is one beautiful sculpture that can set the mood for your room


Beautiful lamps are not exactly hard to come by. However, we do not always find memorable pieces that are unique and awe-inspiring.

The Moonsetter enters the scene as a ray of sunshine…err, moonlight to your room. It is like having the moonlight coming in through your window or the gaps in the curtains. You do not need too much bright light anyway—just some ambient lighting to set the mood for a good night’s rest.

Designers: Anne Boysen and Louis Poulsen


Two very creative and talented artists, Anne Boysen and Louis Poulsen, have developed a floor lamp that is ideal for exploration. Poulsen is a lighting manufacturer, while Boysen is an architect. The two teamed up to create something that delivers an excellent play of light and a mirror—something that lightens up the room and sets up the mood.

The end product is a floor lamp that also works as a beautiful sculpture. The Moonsetter can be a conversation starter because of its design and mechanism. It boasts a simple design language, as per Anne Boysen.

Moonsetter Details

The design of the lamp is timeless with its simple graphic form. This modern metal floor lamp appears like a sculpture or a piece of art. It can easily be the center of attention in any room with a unique configuration. It combines the basic shapes—circle, cylinder, and square.

The floor lamp features its own axis where a disc rotates 360-degrees. The disc features a reflective side and white on the other. It gives an illusion of soft and diffused moonlight at times while one side reflects direct light. There is a mirror that has a rotating disc. This allows you to customize the reflection of the LED source. The LED light is submerged in the frame, giving off a beautiful effect.

Moonsetter Concept

Moonsetter Louis Poulsen Anne Boysen Details

About 100 pieces have been released as part of the limited first edition. Another 100 pieces will follow them, but a serial number will be written on each lamp to be sure you’re getting the limited edition unit. We know this special floor lamp can sell as the designer’s idea behind it was not just to design new lamps but to create an atmosphere and shape light that can make people who look at it feel good. The Moonsetter can very well be a mood setter, whether indoor or outdoor.

Moonsetter Concept Details

Moonsetter Mirror

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Moonsetter Louis Poulsen Anne Boysen Designer

Moonsetter Louis Poulsen Anne Boysen Design