This incredible floor-lamp design surrounds your armchair with a ring, giving you a sliding, adjustable halo of light

The Ring Light is quite unlike any lamp I’ve ever seen. Sure, the name ‘Ring Light’ might ring a bell to some photographers (I couldn’t resist that pun), but this one isn’t a light that’s shaped like a circle… Instead, it comes mounted on a ring-shaped stand that fits around your seating.

The stand plays a few pretty interesting roles – Firstly, it really just acts as a wonderful accent to your furniture. The way the circular stand ‘outlines’ your favorite reading chair is just beautiful to look at, and brings visual emphasis to your seating in a powerful way. Secondly, the circular ring serves as a sliding rail for the Ring Light. The light sits on the rail and can be moved around anywhere, giving you a controllable directional light-source instead of a boring stationary one. You can adjust the light’s angle and direction simply by sliding it around, either for being able to read better, or for selfies with dramatic lighting! Finally, a nifty little side-table on the left of the ring lets you rest your books, phone, or cup of coffee/tea on it. Pretty neat, eh?

Designer: Richard Malachowski

The light works on its own too (you don’t NEED to add furniture to it), but it brings on a new meaning the minute you introduce seating to the mix. Given its size, it can only fit a single-seater within it, and really works with any sort of furniture-style, from an armchair to an ottoman, to even a beanbag if you choose. My only bit of advice is to watch your head when you get up!