This magnetic mood lamp’s portable design comes with a 360-degree charging stand!

And at the beginning of 2021, we all said, “Let there be light!” Enter the Tune, a minimal portable lamp designed for indoor and outdoor use. Tune is not meant to be the main source of light in a space and falls into the ambient light category with its soft illumination. It is called Tune because it lets you ‘tune’ the lamp the mood of the hour. You can tune it to create an atmosphere for dinner in the garden or for cozy movie night – you decide the mood lighting, the lamp will be attuned to it.

It is a smart lamp for future homes complete with a 360-degree charging stand and wireless charging capabilities. You can get the most out of this product design by having a set of two or three lamps to achieve optimal flexibility and space illumination. The modular stands and lampshades let you play around with the light set up. Each arm of the stand has wireless charging transmitters and profiled positioning dents with magnets to hold it in place – this makes the lamp an overall seamless product design.

Tune is designed to stand horizontally, vertically, or on the side depending on your needs. It features a knob that allows you to adjust the intensity as well as the color temperature of the light. “The critical aspects of the functioning of a portable lamp, intended for outdoor use, are durability and tightness. Therefore, great importance has been attached to the design of the external housing, which protects the internal electrical components against weather conditions, and above all, water,” explains Mikołaj Nicer.

Designer: Mikołaj Nicer

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