This magnetic cast iron and wooden scoop is your essential companion to brewing that perfect morning coffee

Face the day full of life with a beautiful tool that starts your morning right.

When we do things day in and day out, they tend to take on an almost mechanical nature. Sure, it becomes second nature and allows us to go on autopilot to think of something else, but it sometimes also causes us to go through life like zombies. Being mindful and intentional with some of our actions is also important for certain activities and certain times of the day, especially when our brains are just waking up for the day. We all have visual cues or triggers that cause our minds to pause and take stock of our surroundings, and sometimes, that can be a single, simple thing like a well-crafted and beautiful tool that we’ll use to scoop up coffee beans and grounds that will fuel us for the rest of the day.

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It’s too easy to take for granted the tools we use for our everyday activities, like the utensils we put into our mouths or the scoops we use to make coffee. A well-designed background shouldn’t get in the way, of course, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful while being functional and valuable at the same time. A plastic scoop can work fine, but one that is beautifully crafted does more than just hold coffee grounds. It can also be the gateway to a state of calm.

The Cofee Iron Scoop is a prime example of how a product can do more than what it’s meant to do without actually doing anything. It’s a Zen-like metaphor that fits perfectly with the motif of this Japanese-inspired kitchen tool. It is made of materials born of the Earth, with a cast iron scoop whose dark gray surface contrasts and complements its handle. Made of walnut wood, that handle not only brings comfort to each touch but also some personality thanks to the grains that are unique to each and every piece.

Together, the iron and wood scoop makes a handy tool whose primary purpose is to help make you the perfect cup of coffee each and every time. The scoop is designed to hold 10 grams of coffee grounds, which is just the right amount to make a single cup. To ensure the user’s safety, the cast iron is coated with SGS-certified and US FDA-complaint Teflon. The scoop also has a special trick, thanks to its modest composition. That metal head can magnetically attach to any metal surface. This will let you keep it close and out in the open, ready for use, rather than hiding it inside a drawer that you have to search each time.

Simple yet elegant, this coffee scoop provides a gentle visual nudge to your brain, making you become more aware of your actions as you make your morning drink, encouraging you to take a breath and smell the coffee. Its dual-tone design also makes it the perfect partner to our ceramic mug, designed to look like cast iron with a wooden handle. Waking up couldn’t get more Zen than this!

Click Here to Buy Now: $39.