The Island Kitchen Is Finally Here

Space crunch + kitchen has always equalled to a compromised kitchen. Realistically speaking, designer Massimo Facchinetti has nailed it with his Ecooking vertical kitchen. This single module kitchen is a hub for sustainable cooking. The technologies of the project highlight energy-saving systems, and come integrated with an internal retrieval of energy system. This is achieved thanks to the close proximity and interaction of appliances with each other and the exchange of heat and moisture.

  • The electrical elements of the kitchen are powered by the energy produced by solar panels.
  • On one side of the kitchen module there is placed a small vertical garden, which allows the cultivation of aromatic plants for daily use.
  • The water coming from the sink is filtered and reused in the dishwasher; then undergoes a second filtering process and is used to water the plants in the vertical greenhouse.
  • A retractable tap that disappears into the sink.
  • Large refrigerator, an integrated cooking system (induction hob and microwave), systems for rinsing and washing (sink and dishwasher with adequate capacity).
  • The rotating hood contains a light that follows you while operating around the column and softens in different shades at lunchtime and when using the extractable tables.
  • In the hood the air treatment system, based on nanomaterials of titanium dioxide, it purifies the ambient air and is capable of purifying a medium sized room in a few hours.

Designer: Massimo Facchinetti for CLEI