ClayClay Container’s shape is based on a stretched slinky

ClayClay Container Inspiration

We can never have enough of quirky containers from different designers. Getting a new one every time a new design is introduced may be unnecessary, but creative enthusiasts and designers know the delight such things bring. The ClayClay Container is yet another piece that can be used in different ways. It can be a mug for your coffee or a small bowl for your cereal or fruits. It can be a pot for your small plant or a small knick-knack for your desk.

Designer: Paper Play

ClayClay Container Details

ClayClay Container

This ClayClay Container comes with a soft shade and curves but is hard; of course, it is ceramic. It is made by Paper Play, a Chinese company that designs different everyday products in more innovative and creative forms. The new container’s design is based on the rainbow spring, the Slinky. The shape appears like a rainbow spring in its stretched form as one plays with it. There is a silver ball on one side as if supporting the slinky. The ball also functions as a handle for when you want to use the container as a mug.

The ClayClay Container appears to be available in purple and black. The glossy finish makes it a standout, but we can imagine it in other textures and materials too. Unlike the purple model, the black version features a matching black ball for a more neutral look.

ClayClay Container Designer

The shape of the ClayClay Container is unique but offers that modern contemporary feel. It will be an attractive addition to wherever you want to put it when not used as a mug. It may also spark creativity as its form evokes a sense of playfulness with the slinky reference.

Some kids today may not know what a slinky or rainbow spring is. Perhaps this ClayClay Container will be an excellent introduction. Drink your coffee first before showing the slinky because we’re certain your kid won’t make you stop playing with it.

ClayClay Container Design

ClayClay Container joins the roster of interesting mug designs we’ve featured here. It follows the Hug Cup and the self-filtering mug for their innovative design. It’s creative like the Creative Ceramic Tea Mug and the Earless Mug. It’s as useful as the Drop Rest Mug and is as attractive as the Slurp Mug. The slinky shape of the mug is similar to the Pet Table with its S form. But unlike the Pet Table that combines two separate parts, the ClayClay is only one unit.

Concept ClayC

ClayClay Container Concept