Bear Grylls x Luminox survival series pushes you and your watch’s limits

Bear Grylls is the human personification of Man vs Wild and Fear Factor – no, seriously he is an international public figure known for this survival skills and outdoor adventures! So when Swiss watchmaker, Luminox, wanted to create a line of all-terrain watches they reached out to Bear Grylls and we got a match (or shall I say watch?) made in heaven. Luminox has unveiled the Bear Grylls Survival series which includes the master edition, the sea edition, and the land edition all designed with one goal in mind – to help you survive.

The beauty of this partnership is also in the core values of the brand and the celebrity – Luminox’s motto of ‘Every Second Counts’ syncs up with perfectly Grylls’ ‘Never Give Up’ and comes together as one in the Survival watches. The Master series leads the pack with two chronographs in 45mm Carbonox™ and cases to match. The adventurous spirit of the watch comes from stainless steel chronograph pushers, the mini compass on the strap and a rubber crown ring for easy grip. Given that is has a special Sea edition too, the survival series is water-resistant up to 300 meters.

Scale mountains, dive deep into the sea or explore jungles – the Survival series was created to ‘survive’ extreme conditions and will self-illuminate in the dark for up to 25 years! Even the case of the watch is inscribed with SOS in Morse code for quick reference if you ever need it. “The rugged watch range has been carefully crafted featuring multi-functional design and state of the art materials – set to inspire and encourage the adventurer in everyone – men and women, boys and girls, outdoor novices and experts,” says Bear Grylls.

Designer: Luminox

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