Drink the tea… not the tea-bag!


The advantage of the tea-bag is its disposable-bag nature… The bad thing about tea-bags is also its disposable-bag nature. Let me explain what I mean. You use tea bags in places where traditional brewing isn’t possible. At a kiosk, at your work-desk, at the dining table of a restaurant or your home. However, there are two processes to tea-bag prepared tea. One, the brewing, and two, the disposing of the tea-bag. Unlike coffee that dissolves in water/milk, tea leaves don’t, and having to haplessly hold your cup in one hand and a soggy tea-bag in the other while you look for a waste bin is far from ideal.

So the Creative Ceramic Tea Mug takes care of that problem for you. Its innovative handle comes with a small space for the tea-bag to retract into. Not just that, it even squeezes the bag (something I shamelessly do, because I hate the idea of wasting tea), allowing every bit of flavor out of the leaves, and leaving you with a brew that’s ready to drink, while the tea-bag patiently hides in its corner, waiting to be disposed AFTER you’ve enjoyed your beverage. Drinking tea shouldn’t be so complicated, after all!

Designer: Samir Sufi

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