Oasis lets you grow and store vegetables in your home, creating a beautiful indoor garden

One of the things that helped people cope with the pandemic for the past couple of years is gardening or at the very least, taking care of green things. It has helped people to destress and take care of their mental health. But not all homes are built to have gardens, but that doesn’t mean you can’t run your own mini farm where you are. This concept for a hydroponic smart farm is something that can fit in whatever space you may be staying in.

Designer: Hyeona Cho

The Oasis is a smart farm that’s meant for home, and it can grow your vegetables and store them before you consume them. The design is inspired by both mountains and desert oasis, hence the name. Some of the items that were used to create a concept design for it include blenders, coffee makers, smart speakers, etc. What the designer came up with is something that looks like a mini-greenhouse with a transparent cover. It kind of reminds me of a bread container, except we get plants and vegetables inside.

The main feature of course, is the space where you take care of your plants. It’s hydroponic so there’s no need for a big space to raise whatever vegetable you’d want to raise on your own. But there’s also a part here called Fresh Keeper where you can store the vegetables once you’ve harvested them without needing to move them to the refrigerator. This means your veggies don’t lose nutrients and you can record the storage date and set the right temperature to keep them.

The Oasis has a touch display with icons that can be easily understood, like the on/off button, temperature, light source, etc. And since this is a smart farm, there’s an app that you can use to monitor your plants and your water levels. You get a notification in both the app and the display when there is not enough water in the tank. The app tells you when things are good or need adjustments, as well as the other stats that you need.

For someone that can’t seem to keep plants alive, maybe a hydroponic smart farm like this is the answer. It would be difficult to kill vegetables in something like this, right? Right?