UPDATE: One Giant Muggie

A quick note to all you tea & coffee buffs, the Slurp Mug can now be Pre-ordered on CKIE for a very limited time, so hurry!

How would you like to have one giant mug for everything you ever drank your whole life? How about all your soup? You know what gigantic mugs are most iconic in my mind? Those ones at Central Perk. You know the ones. These ones are much different, aside from the size. This one’s got a giant handle with which you can remember your soup tasting of yore. Taste everything your heart can possibly desire.

Look at this giant cup! Comes in several colors and with the Slurp Mug name printed on the side. This is another loveable design as presented by DEDE DextrousDesign, a group that’s served up several tantalizing designs for us here on Yanko Design over the past few weeks. Check em all out!

Designer: DEDE DextrousDesign