Earless Mug

As funny as the name might sound, the Earless Mug is a clever and functional twist on the everyday object that coffee addicts will appreciate! Instead of a handle (or “ear”), the design incorporates space to rest the spoon so it doesn’t poke the user in the face when drinking and eliminates the need for a saucer. Space-saving, stackable, and material-conscious, it goes to show that even the most simple of objects can be hybridized for practical improvement!

Designer: Lars Kloen


  • beavid says:

    But now I’ll burn my fingers?

  • Dickie says:

    You can seperate egg yokes from whites, just use a soft soda bottle. Squeze the bottle and put it over the yoke and release the bottle, up goes the yoke. Simple and cheep.

  • hirak mistry says:

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  • Alan says:


  • James says:

    It looks lovely and I like the idea of the spoon not getting in the way, although the idea of spoon placement has been done before and probably a bit better as the main issue with this is……why were handles designed in the first place? So your hand would be nowhere near the mug to burn yourself.

  • Lars says:

    Sorry to say but this is already produced since long time (Ikea if I’m not mistaking) but should of never had been. The corners the design generates in the inner base of the mug are hard to get clean when dishwashing. Also the handle is uncomfortable, you get the feeling that you are going to drop it at any time given. One more thing (i.e. problem) about the handle, which is basicly the whole design, is that it gets really HOT! The designer of this should have done a market research, thought through the idea and realised my above points (and more) before getting deeper into the designwork.

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