Yamaha concept PC mouse designs inspired by a wind instrument and a motorbike

Yamaha Two One Passion PC Mouse

Yamaha is a name almost synonymous with excellent performance, whether about instruments or motorbikes. Both brands deliver reliable products, especially when it comes to design and quality. Whether you are searching for a new musical instrument or a motorbike, you can trust Yamaha and Yamaha Motor to offer products with value for your hard-earned money.

The two Yamaha brands have been tapped under a One Passion project to show off a computer accessory that is useful every day—a PC mouse. The two divisions of the Japanese company each presented a computer mouse design proposal with their specific influence. Just by looking at the images, we can see the inspirations. From the Yamaha group is a mouse that looks like a golden wind instrument. It looks more like a French horn, but the design team could have simply combined the familiar elements from different instruments.

Designer: Yamaha

Yamaha PC Mouse

The concept design is unique and has never been done before. Instead of wind flow, the shape follows the flow of electrons usually found in a mouse. There is a circuit board that sends the mouse’s instructions, and there are electrical signals that make the mouse function. The left and right-click buttons appear to be like piston valves. As the latter pushes air within a wind instrument, the buttons, when clicked, do what they are supposed to do as electrical signals are transmitted like scrolling and clicking. The mouse also shows some dial knobs that work. They can be used to set or “tune” the click intervals, a number of scrolls, or mouse pointer speed.

The Yamaha Motor version looks more like a mouse, but the motorcycle design can still be identified. We are not sure about ergonomics, but a motorcycle-like frame makes it an interesting piece. With the choice of color, others may think it is another boring mouse, but it looks tough and rugged—like most motorbikes from Yamaha Motor.
Yamaha Motor PC Mouse Release

There is a certain “toughness” that shows this PC mouse can work as an efficient mouse. As a person can be carried smoothly by a Yamaha motorcycle, so can this mouse design take your hand with ease and offer precise control. The Yamaha Motor mouse also comes with physical click buttons. They mimic the gas pedal of an all-terrain vehicle or a personal watercraft, looking more like a lever. Scrolling is done when you hold the left/right clicks and then hold the thumb button. It is similar to a motorcycle operation when you’re holding the clutch.

The two mouse designs give us a glimpse into the design method of both Yamaha for the instruments and the Yamaha Motor for its motorbikes. They won’t go into production, but we love how imaginative Yamaha can be. These images tell us the commitment of the people behind Yamaha’s brands to “Make Waves.” If and when the two mice designs turn into reality, they can make any customer’s heart tremble. Each mouse can offer an extraordinary moment for everyone who loves either playing or listening to music or riding a motorbike.

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