OIO flashlight concept brings a bit more flexibility to your mobile lights

What’s a thing that you need in the following situations: an object gets lost somewhere under your bed; you want to catch a few more pages before going to bed but you don’t want to disturb the person sleeping beside you; the lights suddenly go off suddenly in your apartment and you need to find your way around. The answer is of course, a flashlight.

Designer: Nuri Badur

A flashlight is one of those things that you don’t really choose because of its design or how cool it looks. You might choose one because of its color but as long as it’s handy and it does what it’s supposed to do, then it will work. But if you’re looking for something that’s a bit different than your usual flashlight, there’s a concept from an Italian product designer that you may be interested in.

The OIO Flashlight looks like the cousin of Wall-E and will fit in perfectly with the Pixar movie about the last robot on earth. But more than just looking cool, it’s designed to be a more flexible kind of flashlight through its cylinder body and semishpheric shaped actual flashlight. The concept renders show a pretty cool and warm orange color, with a variant that seems to be a silver reflective/translucent color.

Why would you need a flashlight that’s shaped like that, you may ask? Well, if you were looking for something under the bed, you wouldn’t need to twist your wrist or hand to be able to see properly. If you’re reading a book late at night, this kind of flashlight can light up the book directly, although it’s not really recommended you use a flashlight for that as it can affect your eyesight. When you get stuck in a place with no lighting and you bring out this flashlight, you’ll look pretty cool.