LG continues to deliver sustainability innovations like these eco-minded soundbars

LG 2022 Soundbar Sustainable Design

LG has always been known to make excellent products. Not every released gadget or appliance sell by the millions, but the South Korean tech company continues to deliver value for the customers. It is living its promise to a shared responsibility to provide minimal impact to the planet by introducing “greener” efforts.

Still following the “Life’s Good when it’s green” motto, LG Electronics has shared additional attempts for a more sustainable future. LG explains how the soundbar lifecycle is made greener. A lot of consumers have become more conscious when it comes to shopping. Some people support brands that deliver sustainability in several ways, from product development to packaging and customer service.

Designer: LG Electronics

LG 2022 Soundbar ENERGY STAR Certification

LG has been introducing more environmentally responsible executions. The latest lineup that perfectly shows the brand’s efforts is the line of soundbars, as every development stage is greener. LG says that the product lifecycle of soundbars is more environment-friendly. It starts with choosing the materials, as most are recyclable or have been reused, to actual production that emits less carbon footprint. The soundbars are also designed to use as little power as possible and are packed in eco-friendly boxes.

LG 2022 Soundbar ENERGY STAR

The fabric of the new LG soundbars is made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s called Polyester Jersey, which is the same material commonly used for athletic apparel. Those soundbars released last year came with a durable casing. As per LG, it uses about 1.5 million 500mm PET bottles each year to develop the said fabric. You call this repurposing, as old products are being repurposed and given a new lease in life. LG will continue to do this as it commits to becoming more sustainable than ever.

The products themselves are also green and environment-friendly. Energy efficiency is the name of the game, and it is demonstrated by the ENERGY STAR certification of LG soundbars. The models that will be released this 2022 will be power-efficient, so expect to see the Energy Star logo on more future products from LG.

LG Soundbars Eco-minded Design

Another proof that LG is serious with sustainability is that the LG 2021 soundbars got the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Product Champion Award. It is a significant award because it only recognizes brands that demonstrate social, economic, and environmental impact according to the Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Electronics Challenge requirements by the EPA.

Products from last year are already sustainable enough, but the new 2022 LG Soundbar lineup will be better. The soundbars will offer top-notch quality audio services and materials passing the Global Recycled Standard (GRS. Sustainable innovations are not just trends, they are the future, and LG Electronics is at the helm. The company has pledged to protect the environment, and we can witness more of that in future product releases like soundbars, ovens, washing machines, TVs, and other consumer electronics.

LG 2022 Soundbar Packaging

LG 2022 Soundbar ENERGY STAR Certification Eco Product