Zen Habit While Dining, But Only For Kids

I don’t believe in force-feeding children, but tots try and do their best to make meal-times really hell-times. A trick that I learnt while bringing up my kids was to entertain them with fancy dining accessories, so that they would at least stick to the meal for a wee-bit longer. I used to engage them with pictorial placemats, funny-shaped plates and bowls. Co Zen Maple Lacquer Cutlery Set is for the stage when children outgrow Mothercare but still need some cajoling during meals. This sophisticated set combines the traditional sensibilities with modern expectations. While the bottom box holds the specialized cutlery, the top half easily transforms to a plate.

Overall a sleek design that’s available in Japan currently.

Designer: Keisei Takemata for NUSHISA


Co Zen Maple Lacquer Cutlery Set For Children by Keisei Takemata for NUSHISA





  • kps9727 says:

    My only suggestion is to arrange the utensils in the way they’re supposed to be laid out according to etiquette. This will help kids at a young age learn what side of the plate each utensil goes on.

  • lucas72 says:

    Cool idea. I hope that more children will eat with the elements shown.

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