This silent blender is for ninjas


Your midnight smoothie craving doesn’t need to go unfulfilled anymore. The BL1502A (it could use a catchier name) from Midea can blend pretty much anything… and that too in silence! Its double enclosure cuts out the whirring sound that blenders are notoriously famous for, reducing it to a 10-decibel level, which is about as loud as a human breathing.

Even though it’s as quiet as a mouse, the BL1502A looks incredibly heavy duty, with its robust design. The control panel sits at a 45° angle, making it easy to view the display and operate the controls, and the blender itself even has a heating function letting you cook your soups and broths as you blitz the ingredients together… in pin-drop silence.

The BL1502A blender is a winner of the iF Design Award for the year 2018.

Designers: Lu Yangzong, Yang Chao & Zhao Pengyu (Midea).