Top 10 pet-friendly product trends of 2022

I’m pretty sure our pets are enjoying this pandemic way more than us, I mean they get to have their hoomans all to themselves almost all the time! And as much as I love spending time with my own cats, I’m honestly running out of ways to keep them entertained and prevent them from knocking down an item or two in my home, out of sheer boredom. If you’re pretty much in the same precarious situation as me, then this collection of pet products promises to come to your rescue! From a three-tiered cat tower to a dog leash with a smart tag design that tracks your pet’s emotions – these product designs will take good care of your pet, and keep them active and content! You can take a little breather, while they wrestle around with these newfound fun products!

1. CatLife

What could I do to make my bedroom my cat’s favorite place? The Gatrimonial bed frame, made by a company called CatLife, made this dream a reality. They make furniture that doubles as an adventurous cat’s dream. At first glance, the bed frame looks like a hollow base with circular entrances in each corner. It has plenty of space for your cat to stretch its limbs underneath your bed. When you lift the mattress, it reveals an elaborate maze to keep your feline entertained. The frame also has two sections with a splattering of tiny paw-sized holes that could either be peep-holes or a little trap for unsuspecting paw swipes. Your ankles will not appreciate it, but your cat will love the hunt.

2. PingPong

Comprising a dog collar smart tracker, a leash, charger, and hub; PingPong can pick up five different dog feelings and represent the same in as many color notifications. These feelings include comfort, joy, stress, loneliness, and fear. The color indications are displayed on the smart chip and leash handle. A yellow color ball bouncing high and fast displays joyfulness, the blue ball bouncing rhythmically shows comfort, the gray ball bouncing slowly is an indicator of loneliness in dogs, stress is shown by the red ball bouncing fast, while a fanatically bouncing purple ball is an indicator of fear!

3. The Renault Pet Communication Device

This is visioned as an electric vehicle that allows pets and their owners to share a space beyond the confines of their homes. The designer believes, that Gen-Z’s race to individualism and high dependence on smart devices will alienate them further in the future when maybe their pet is the only companion. In that scenario, leisure time with the cat or dog would be a relieving experience. Thus, this EV design is created to ensure that the owner and the pet can move in and out of the vehicle with ease. It would have a large WZ-GO-style door on the rear that would enable the pet to access her space in the back of the vehicle.

4. Invoxia

Announced at CES 2022, the Invoxia smart dog collar in addition to monitoring the vital stats also doubles as a GPS and activity tracker for your pooch and uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and LTE-M for connectivity. It can keep constant tabs on the dog’s activity levels such as walking, running, resting, scratching, and barking and even provide pet parents with data regarding their dog’s daily routine on the accompanying app. For constant heart and respiratory health readings, this smart dog collar features radar sensors. The radar, according to Invoxia, sends out a radio signal which is reflected by the dog’s first layer of skin on the neck.

5. Ara

Ara is defined by two sets of wraparound banisters that cradle three levels of cushioned resting areas. Walking through the center walkway, cats find the first resting level where they can make full use of its area. Then, accessible through a central cavity, cats can climb up to the second tier where they can perch high above the ground, to look out over their home space. On the station’s second level, cats are covered on all corners with a roof, floor, and walls, evoking a sense of privacy. Finally, cats can climb through another central cavity to reach Ara’s topmost, open-air level where cat owners can pet and show their cats some love while they sleep.

6. Three Poles Cat Tower

Originally developed for cats and humans to co-inhabit the same living spaces without compromising interior design, Three Poles Cat Tower maintains the same midcentury flair that defined its predecessor and strengthened the overall build of the tower for cats to play around without fear of falling. Speaking to the redesign of Three Poles Cat Tower’s earlier model, Kim notes, “The overall proportion was carefully redesigned, and the lower metal base was strengthened, so it could be harmonious alongside the normal type tower while being easier for short-legged cats to use.”



TOMO gives pet gear the upgrade it’s always needed, with minimalist aesthetics and beautifully engineered designs backed by high-quality materials. Putting basic plaid collars and harnesses with those fiddly carabiner clips in the rear-view mirror, TOMO’s pet gear comes in beautiful matte black, from the leash to collar to harness, and features a unique, robust metal clasp that’s minimal, durable, and easy to secure in a matter of seconds. All the products look like they’re a part of a wonderful ecosystem (unlike current pet gear where the leash, collar, and dog tag look different because they were all bought separately. The entire ecosystem of products draws a balance between functionality, comfort, and aesthetics, giving pet-gear a modern upgrade and making them complement each other when worn together, like a well-designed suit.

8. Solar

Shaped like the sun, Solar is a small, but sturdy floating cat bed that’s built from pinewood. In a similar fashion to their other pieces of cat furniture, MyZoo lined Solar with a slotted resting platform for safe jumping. Ideal for small spaces, Solar provides a resting spot and jumping platform for your cat and saves space in the meantime. Unlike bulky cat towers and stringy scratching pads, Solar doesn’t take up any ground space and easily mounts to any wall where there’s room. Since cats love heights, MyZoo figured Solar was the best of both worlds–a space-saver for cat owners and an ideal resting spot for cats.

9. The Two Circles Cat Scratcher

Designed by Jiyoun Kim Studio for the Korean pet product brand Milliong, the Two Circles Cat Scratcher is a part of Milliong’s Cat Furniture Project. The product comprises of two circular scratchers crafted from fabric and birchwood. The scratchers seem to artfully overlap one another when viewed from the front. The base platform and a ledge above it hold both the scratchers together, while also creating a snug hollow space that makes for the ideal seating spot for your pet. Both the platform and ledge are covered with faux fur, making it a truly comfy corner to laze about in.

10. Float

Designed by Furmia, Float is a flatpack cat tower with built-in scratching pads that can be assembled in just a few steps. Amounting four levels, Float is a flatpack cat tower with integrated features like scratching posts and movable seat rests. Following a client’s specifications and criteria, Teixeira designed Float so that it would blend into any modern home. Taking on a Scandinavian-inspired overall look, Float achieves a minimalist profile through natural, unstained wooden rods as well as cool, gray felt cushions.