The Arc’teryx V80 is the duffle bag evolved

Designed for sophisticated settings and stubborn environments, the Arc’teryx V80 Duffle is your trusty, duffle bag with an armor and wheels of its own. Made for the outdoors, but without compromising on the indoor experience, the soft duffle comes with a metallic bumper around its periphery, that houses wheels, making it easy to wheel around, and an extendable handle, for tugging along at the airport, while you fly to your nondescript travel vacay.

The duffle’s flexible design makes it great for storing all sorts of things, and lots of them. Providing the ease-of-motion of wheeled luggage, but the accommodable approach of a duffle, the V80 (with an 80 liter capacity), can store all your items within it, protecting it from the elements with its water-proof nylon fabric and zippers, its abrasion resistant base, and the anodized aluminum bumper that forms a nice outline around the bag. With easy-access pockets both on the outside and inside, and compartments and pouches within to help segregate your stuff, the Duffle is functional, flexible (accommodating to your needs), and flat-packs too, when not in use!

Designer: Arc’teryx

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