A smartphone controlled power strip to power individual sockets for those lazy days

A lot of electricity bleeds and is wasted because we tend to hook up our gadgets to a power strip and not turn off the mains. We have seen ones with individual switched to the sockets, but realistically, people are not motivated enough to switch off the ones not in use. I can see how the Switchboard addresses this and many other issues.

Hooked to an app, you can control each socket on your fingertips and turn off the device that is not in use. Hence, cuts laziness aka as the effort to go and turn off individual devices. I like the fact that an ambient light glows, indicating the device in use. It can be annoying at night times, when you are not watching the TV and it’s switch on the power strip is on! Get my drift.

I love the inclined and intuitive design of turning the socket on and off – it also allows you to fit in adaptors that have an oversized head – and easily navigate the position of individual wires.

Reduce your power bills and control your consumption on your fingertips!

Designer: Ryan Biery

A companion app makes it easy to label, control, and automate the power supplied by each socket.

The color of each LED ring corresponds to the labeled device in the app.

The socket’s contact faces are angled toward connected devices.

Rotating sockets reduce cable stress.

Power draw is represented by the brightness of a glowing ring around the active socket.

Simple on / off switch works as an alternative to the app.

Rubber feet keep Switchboard in places on the grounds, while eyelets allow wall mounting.

Ground configuration.

Wall configuration.