Renault Pet Communication EV is the future of maintaining your pet-life balance

We cannot rule out the fact that interacting with pets can improve a human’s physical and mental health. Ask any pet parent and they will wholeheartedly vouch for it. But as I see it, not everyone of us gets enough time to spend and communicate with our pooches or kitties. Travel and work schedules are two biggest criminals. An electric vehicle design for Renault, aptly called “Pet Communication Device” sets out to provide a stylish and accessible transportation concept that could level things up in our favor going into the future.

If you’re lured by new design and innovation, you would have come across the Renault EZ-GO Concept Vehicle. This autonomous and shared electric mobility concept with large windows and accessibility from the boot was an eye-catcher. Drawing some cues from this design for the autonomy of public transportation; the Renault Pet Communication Device by Sejoon Kim, is perhaps made for ultimate human-pet privacy.

This is visioned as an electric vehicle that allows pets and their owners to share a space beyond the confines of their home. The designer believes, that Gen-Z’s race to individualism and high dependence on smart devices will alienate them further in the future when maybe their pet is the only companion. In that scenario, leisure time with the cat or dog would be a relieving experience. Thus, this EV design is created to ensure that the owner and the pet can move in and out of the vehicle with ease. It would have a large WZ-GO-style door on the rear that would enable the pet to access her space in the back of the vehicle.

The design renders give out a very basic exterior appeal reminiscent of toy cars from our childhood, but the interiors are detailed and impressive to floor a pet owner in me. The space inside is divided into two sections (open in the middle). The front of the vehicle is reserved for the human while the back is a play area for the pet supplied with balls, toys, cat scratchers and more. The human cockpit can be transformed into an office. The dashboard pulls out to form a table, you have a projector, speakers for entertainment, and a coffee machine to keep you high on caffeine!

For more possibilities of bonding and communication, there’s a pet bed under the owner’s seat, which in addition to being cozy would ensure the pet doesn’t feel motion sickness while driving. A nice overhead sunroof allows the owner and the pet to sit and watch the clouds by the day and stars in the night. On the hood is the Renault logo that if you pull forward unfolds a table to create an addition to your outdoor lifestyle with the pet. There is no word on whether Sejoon’s pet-friendly ride would be autonomous, but if it is, it will open new avenues for human-pet bonding.

Designer: Sejoon Kim