This three-tiered cat tower features wraparound banisters that give your pets a private nook to rest

Ara is a three-tiered cat resting station that’s defined by a double set of wraparound banisters to provide cats with a sense of privacy on a piece of furniture designed especially for them.

Cat owners know their cats like their privacy. Throughout the day, your pets will find their favorite hiding places in your closet, underneath the couch, or behind the television console. Cats even like these hiding places so much that they sometimes prefer them to the furniture designed especially for them.

They soon become disinterested in the cat towers and climbing posts that have them resting out in the open in front of everyone. Ara, a three-tiered cat resting station designed by Juan Esteban Restrepo Tabares, combines a subtle sense of privacy with cushioned resting levels for cats to feel secluded while making use of their own furniture.

Ara is defined by two sets of wraparound banisters that cradle three levels of cushioned resting areas. Walking through the center walkway, cats find the first resting level where they can make full use of its area. Then, accessible through a central cavity, cats can climb up to the second tier where they can perch high above the ground, to look out over their home space. On the station’s second level, cats are covered on all corners with a roof, floor, and walls, evoking a sense of privacy. Finally, cats can climb through another central cavity to reach Ara’s topmost, open-air level where cat owners can pet and show their cats some love while they sleep.

Designer: Juan Esteban Restrepo Tabares