A minimal wooden cat scratcher that doubles up as a cozy chilling spot for your pets!

Furniture designs are always a pleasure to explore, but something about furniture for pets just strikes the right chord in my heart! Probably because ensuring that my two Persian kitties are comfortable and cozy at home is a number one priority for me. I’m always looking out for fun yet functional furniture designs that’ll make my cats feel right at home. And one of my pet furniture shopping sprees led me to the Two Circles Cat Scratcher. Designed by Jiyoun Kim Studio for the Korean pet product brand Milliong, the Two Circles Cat Scratcher is a part of Milliong’s Cat Furniture Project. It forms an adorable set with the Three Poles Cat Tower, and they follow the theme ‘Beautiful Together’, and they certainly look like it too! But all eyes on the cat scratcher for now! This interesting furniture piece functions not only as a cat scratcher but also as a cozy resting/chilling spot for your cat.

The product comprises of two circular scratchers crafted from fabric and birchwood. The scratchers seem to artfully overlap one another when viewed from the front. The base platform and a ledge above it hold both the scratchers together, while also creating a snug hollow space that makes for the ideal seating spot for your pet. Both the platform and ledge are covered with faux fur, making it a truly comfy corner to laze about in. The Two Circles Cat Scratcher comes in two color options – brown and beige.

The subtle colors, the overall sturdy metallic structure, and the two circles carved from birchwood give the product a clean, warm, and minimal feel. Not only is it a safe haven for your cats, but it also effortlessly and seamlessly integrates with the interiors of your home!

Designer: Jiyoun Kim Studio x Milliong