Top 10 kitchen appliance trends of 2022

Before the pandemic took place, cooking was a chore I completely avoided! But now, I honestly find it quite therapeutic! The pandemic, and all the free time that came along with it, somehow awakened my inner chef! I’m sure a lot of other inner chefs were brought to life as well. And with the third wave slowly encroaching upon the world, it may be time to deep dive into cooking once again! Especially with the right kitchen tools and appliances, cooking can be a fun and effortless process. The right products can reduce your prep time in half, make the little cooking tasks much easier, and help you with tedious and complicated techniques. This collection of kitchen appliances promises to transform cooking from a Herculean feat to an approachable and enjoyable process! Let your inner chef take over with the help of these innovative and nifty designs!

1. The Reencle

Designed to effectively compost and break down food waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer, the Reencle is a compact, quiet, odor-free kitchen appliance that puts your food waste to good use; although that shouldn’t give you an excuse to waste more food! Hoping to put that waste into good use so it doesn’t end up in a landfill creating tonnes of CO2 and Methane as it decomposes, the Reencle is an at-home solution that helps efficiently break down food in a way that turns it into a rich compost that benefits the planet instead of harming it. Microorganisms inside the Reencle’s inner chamber break the food down in roughly 24 hours, creating a compost that can be used in gardens, backyards, indoor planters, or even be disposed of, so it doesn’t harm the environment.

2. Carnerie

Turner designed Carnerie – a conceptual device that will let you grow your own meat in the future! Cultured meat is the process of growing meat from cells extracted from animals. Many experts believe that cultured meat offers us the opportunity to produce meat with significantly reduced environmental impacts and without slaughtering animals. The technology is being rapidly developed across the world and is beginning to be introduced to some high-end restaurants but there has been discussion about whether one day we may be able to grow our own meat from animal cells in our own kitchens. Carnerie is a ‘grow your own meat’ device for around twenty years in the future. It is controlled by an app, whereby the user is able to order cell capsules from local farms in order to grow a variety of different types of meat. This conceptual, speculative project is designed to help us visualize what this future scenario could be like and whether it’s a future that we would buy into.

3. GoodHome’s Trash Bins

GoodHome’s trash bins are comprised of three different sections that help make sorting trash simple. While each household can assign different types of waste for each bin, a typical household would allot one for recyclables, regular trash, and then food waste for compost. To provide enough storage capacity while maintaining a compact size, GoodHome merged those three different compartments to create a one-stop-shop for all of your trash needs. The different modules can also be configured to meet your spatial needs. Each trash bin is made from stainless steel for a simple, modern look that’s also impact-resistant to maximize the product’s shelf life. Then, when it’s time to take out the trash, users can lift the bin’s internal container to gain access to the garbage bag’s liner.

4. Balance

Balance, a plant cultivator designed by Designer Dot, is designed for those of us who’d like access to a personal supply of fresh produce at home without the hassle of tending to a garden day-in, day-out. When creating Balance, the team at Designer Dot sought to conceptualize an at-home plant cultivator that’s compact enough to fit into any modern kitchen and inconspicuous in its minimalist design to adapt to any interior design scheme. Balance comes with pull-out drawers that contain pods and sprout cavities for produce and crops to germinate from and grow. The drawers themselves can be removed to allow ceiling height for taller plants to grow, which users can swap in and out for different plants accordingly.

5. Cook Nook

Non-electric toaster and oven combos have struck their brilliance with the outdoorsy, the gas-powered Cook Nook presents an added advantage with a stove. There is so much one can do with the non-electric toaster, stove, and oven combo. It can be used for making toasts, roasting chicken, baking cake and even preparing a meal when electricity isn’t a luxury. So, when stepping into the wilderness, a portable and lightweight gas-operated toaster, oven, the stove is the icing on the cake since it opens up possibilities for a great treat for a large family or friends gathering with the choice of pizzas, cookies, and other delicious.

6. Hoto

Zheng’s smart kitchen scale, Hoto, is minimal by design, adorned with not much more than stainless steel controls and a polished, reflective sheen. The scale scales back on the number of controls and buttons, consolidating every control into one interactive knob that functions as the scale’s, power sensor, weight dial, and net-zero button. In addition to the appliance’s interactive control switch, Hoto comes with an accompanying social media app that allows other Hoto users to share their recipes and pre-measured weight parameters.


Designed to look less like something you’d pick up from Target and more like a design-driven object from Alessi, the ONE BRUSH conveniently combines modern aesthetics with research-driven functionality and adds a dash of sustainable thinking. The brush sports a thick, well-weighted design that looks less plastic and more premium, as it sits magnetically attached to the side of your kitchen sink. The ergonomic grip makes it comfortable to hold, while the tilted bristles give you the right gripping angle to easily soap and scrub your dishes.

8. OXO’s Cookie Press

Much better than any cookie-cutter you’ll ever use, OXO’s Cookie Press doesn’t cut cookies, it pumps or extrudes them. The Cookie Press is a hand-operated cookie-pumping machine that relies on a stainless-steel die to push out intricately formed cookies with speed and consistency. Just load the die-disc of your choice into the Cookie Press’s base and fill the cylinder with cookie dough (your dough needs to be neither too wet nor too dry) and attach the pumping handle on top and you’re ready to go!

9. Lapitec Chef

The induction cooking system is seamless and very easy to operate. All you have to do is place the Lapitec Chef silicone mat on your worktop to activate the touch controls and switch on the system. The mat is key, without it the induction unit and controls will be inactive and the worktop is like any other kitchen counter only distinguished only by small engravings that align with the mat’s controls. Lapitec Chef allows for easy cleaning and storage so the counter can be used for other activities like preparing food, plating dishes, and hosting social occasions. Interestingly, Lapitec is a 100% sintered stone and it is also non-porous, non-absorbent as well as resistant to chemicals which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor kitchens. You can choose to have either two or four cooking rings for your induction system.

10. MY Idra bottle

The bottle’s clever design focuses on three really important elements/innovations. For starters, the MY Idra bottle is entirely plastics-free and is designed to last forever even with constant use. On the outside, the MY Idra comes with a double-layered stainless steel and glass construction. The 18/8 stainless steel enclosure houses the unpurified water, which trickles through the MY Idra’s filter, dripping gradually into and filling up the transparent glass cup below. The second and most noteworthy bit of innovation lies in MY Idra’s filter, a unique, everlasting little porous ceramic puck that can both filter as well as mineralize the water.