This foldable dual stovetop works in double time to save space and provide a full meal while camping!

So, you got the perfect off-road campsite in Big Sur. A view of the Pacific ocean is only a stone’s throw away and it’s your first morning of the trip. There’s a vista a couple of yards in front of the tent and you can’t shake the image of yourself with a steaming cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich filled with eggs, cheese, bacon, you know, the works. It’s paradise, just you, a cup of coffee, your current read, the roaring Pacific, and a breakfast sandwich to fuel your hike later in the day. But then, the kid’s tent moves and the whole family’s awake. Looks like you’ll be making breakfast for five. We’ve all been there. Big trips with a crowd of hungry mouths to feed.

Beom-Seok Lee knows the story all too well, which inspired camping cookware design produced in the style of Korea’s popular kitchen lifestyle brand, Haatz Co. Lee’s induction dual stovetop was constructed to make those tiring, family trips a little bit more relaxing and easygoing because that’s what camping’s all about if you’re doing it right. Eating is a necessary part of any family trip and cooking for the whole family can sometimes take up that prime golden hour time that should be spent fireside. The design for the induction dual stovetop provides two induction surfaces suited for various kinds of cookware and less time spent actually cooking. Since the family was at the center of this design, Lee incorporated a safety sensor that must alert users of surfaces that might be too hot to touch and an intuitive interface that younger folks can understand just as well as the adults. For instance, a sliding temperature control touch bar allows users to increase or decrease the temperature for either induction surface.

The stovetop uses a classic folding mechanism to make the product portable, which means the overall thickness of the induction stovetop is a compact 4 inches. Opening up just like a book, the stovetop, once un-latched and expanded, reaches a total cooking area of 31.5 inches, with one 9-inch, and one 6-inch induction round. The induction stovetop comes equipped with a 220V power cord which provides the stovetop with electric power for operation. Lee decided to make this stovetop design electric because nowadays, many campers are choosing glamping and car-camping over roughing it, which could give way to additional eco-friendly means of cooking while off-the-grid. The additional induction surface might set Lee’s design above other preexisting designs on the market because it allows for more efficient food preparation, which allows for more family time and more time spent drinking coffee and reading on that vista I can’t stop thinking about.

Designer: Beom-Seok Lee