This gas-powered toaster, oven and stove will be your favorite companion in the kitchen and outdoor!

A combination of a toaster, oven and stove is in itself a multifunctional appliance you cannot do without in the kitchen. The downside of any traditional option is its dependence on electricity. Though, non-electric toaster and oven combos have struck their brilliance with the outdoorsy, the gas-powered Cook Nook presents an added advantage with a stove.

There is so much one can do with the non-electric toaster, stove and oven combo. It can be used for making toasts, roasting chicken, baking cake and even preparing a meal when electricity isn’t a luxury. So, when stepping into the wilderness, a portable and lightweight gas-operated toaster, oven, stove is the icing on the cake since it opens up possibilities for a great treat for a large family or friends gathering with the choice of pizzas, cookies, and other delicious.

With the combo appliance like the Cook Nook fueled by gas, you can save time and money while in the kitchen, in the backyard, or when hiking or camping in the outdoors. Such an appliance that does not require electricity is useful in everyday life and even in case of an emergency. In addition to cooking a fresh meal or a quick snack, this can even be used to bring frozen food to life. For its convenience and portability, the Cook Nook toaster, oven and stove will be a welcome product in the lives of the outdoorsy as it will solve the problem of finding an electric outlet for its needs.

In the kitchen, this multifunctional appliance will only occupy a small space and when it’s set for travel, it will pack up neatly and fit easily in the boot of your car. Interestingly, this yellow appliance comes with a CD player-style slide-out tray for toasts and baking and has a nice sturdy stove on the top. The stove has a sizable burner with pan support. The gas canister is placed on the right side with a compartment to hold an extra cartridge. The control knobs seem nice and easy to rotate, while the pan support can be removed and a lid can be applied on top to cover the unit when not in use.

The Cook Nook may not have the prowess to compete with the traditional options on the market, which are larger and more powerful in operation, but it surely makes for a decent option when portability and accessibility are on the mind!

Designers: Ishikawa Shinji, Huang Yingwen, Xie Xinyi, Zhou Shan