This space-saving foldable heater is as cool as your Xbox Series S

A compact heater crafted for individuals who are fed up with the bulky and impractical design of static heaters that beam heat only in one position. This highly maneuverable heater is different from those traditional ones in all respects though!

Winters brings with it chilling cold and consequently, and out come the good old heaters to neutralize things. While heaters solve the intended purpose, they don’t always look as good as modern radiators. Nor are they as compact and handy as some other appliances. Therefore, I’m always left with the unsatisfied craving for an ultra-compact heater that looks good, does the task and simply vanishes away when the winters offset. Have a look at this compact folding heater that superimposes right over what I and for that matter, many of you out there keep longing for in the winter season.

Designers: Wenhua Xu and 托迪 设计

Like a tripod it can be set at any angle and height, fulfilling the user’s requirements without any hassles. It is designed like a folding lamp that can be kept even in the cabinet drawer when not required. Yes, the design is such that it folds into itself, making it very easy to carry in hand or backpack with you. This is an important feature, especially for people who travel a lot in colder regions, and prefer to have their own heating solutions.

Aesthetically the Folding Heater (yes, that’s what it is called) is ideal for modern homes and studio apartments. The appealing form factor will appeal to the young crowd who normally debunk things just for their looks. It’s just like carrying the cool Xbox Series S for style statement per se. Operating the heater is as simple as it can get. The touch-sensitive round display shows the real-time temperature and on either side are the buttons to toggle temperature. On the top, the heater displays the time and on the bottom is the On/Off toggle button.

There’s not much to say here, as the design explains for itself and does what it is intended to do in a cute way. I would definitely like this compact folding heater in my arsenal of geeky possessions, it’s that cool. How about you?