A modular kitchen bin design is the ultimate organization hack for sorting and taking out your trash

GoodHoome’s line of kitchen bins is a modular solution for sorting and taking out the trash.

No matter where you live, no one likes taking out the trash. It can be a messy job—the bin is usually overstuffed and removing the liner is never fun when that’s the case. Plenty of solutions have come out in the past, but too often, designers trade simplicity for highly technical designs that don’t stand the test of time. GoodHome, a home appliance brand operated by Kingfisher Design Studio, developed a line of kitchen trash and recycling bins to help simplify sorting trash and throwing it out.

Designer: GoodHome x Kingfisher Design Studio

GoodHome’s line of trash bins features several different configurations of three different trash bins consolidated into one product. Kingfisher Design Studio worked with GoodHome to create trash bins that help, “[encourage] households to improve the quality of their recycled waste by making it easier to sort and store.”

GoodHome’s trash bins are comprised of three different sections that help make sorting trash simple. While each household can assign different types of waste for each bin, a typical household would allot one for recyclables, regular trash, and then food waste for compost. To provide enough storage capacity while maintaining a compact size, GoodHome merged those three different compartments to create a one-stop shop for all of your trash needs.

The different modules can also be configured to meet your spatial needs. Each trash bin is made from stainless steel for a simple, modern look that’s also impact-resistant to maximize the product’s shelf life. Then, when it’s time to take out the trash, users can lift the bin’s internal container to gain access to the garbage bag’s liner.