The OXO Cookie Press lets you easily pump out a whole batch of perfectly shaped holiday-themed cookies

Much better than any cookie-cutter you’ll ever use, OXO’s Cookie Press doesn’t cut cookies, it pumps or extrudes them. The Cookie Press is a hand-operated cookie-pumping machine that relies on a stainless-steel die to push out intricately formed cookies with speed and consistency. Just load the die-disc of your choice into the Cookie Press’s base and fill the cylinder with cookie dough (your dough needs to be neither too wet nor too dry) and attach the pumping handle on top and you’re ready to go!

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Think of the OXO Cookie Press as a culinary version of a Play-Doh Fun Factory that pumps out cookie dough instead. You start by loading the batter (which needs to have the consistency of dough, to begin with) into the barrel, screwing the plunger, and finally loading the appropriate shape/die disc at the mouth. The Cookie Press comes with a rubberized non-friction base so that the device doesn’t slip as you pump out cookie after cookie, and each ‘pump’ of the handle gives you a perfectly shaped cookie to create a consistent batch. You can mix different colors/flavors of doughs together too, creating a marbled collage of cookies that look and taste extraordinary, and OXO offers a whole variety of patterned die discs to choose from (including 10 Christmas-themed cookie dies too!) The only caveat is that the batter/dough needs to be smooth and devoid of any hard ingredients like chocolate chips or soft liquids like marshmallow fluff. Once the cookies are baked, however, you can layer them on with sprinkles, icing, or edible paint.

The OXO Cookie Press is faster to operate than traditional cookie cutters and works without generating the waste a cookie-cutter would, with all its discarded edges. It’s just perfect, really…!

Designer: OXO Good Grips

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