Fuseproject’s newest air purifier design takes your furniture one step closer to being smart

In the current pandemic, we are all compelled to be at home more than ever before. We consider indoors to be safer than the outdoors and tend to overlook the air quality we live, eat or sleep in. Poor air quality at home/workplace can have a negative effect on health leading to problems like asthma, allergies and sleep issues amid many other short and long-term health effects. Air purifiers have stepped in as alternatives to free the air of dust particles, pet dander, foul odor and more – making the air breathable and safe.

We have seen a fair share of air purifiers and it’s easy to conclude that not all of them are created equal. Drawing on the success of its previous air purifiers that have been regarded for quality and effectiveness, fuseproject has in association with Coway, designed the next winning approach to air purifiers. Dubbed the Coway Icon Air Purifier, this is a reworked and modified variant of the plasticky box-like utilitarian purifiers. It boasts a smaller and flatter form factor to sit along a wall, presenting users more flexibility in room placement. The quiet and powerful Icon integrates smart technologies to be more than a simple box doing its chores – it comes with its own smartphone app that can be used to control the functions of this air purifier remotely. The app also provides a status report of the air quality and its lifecycle, informing when cleaning or replacement is necessary. The team explains, “Clear communication to the user is key. The Icon’s UX status was designed through straight-forward messaging that lights up to the touch through the top surface, and then disappears shortly after. We designed the subtle touch surface to display a lightweight font and data as an easy way to understand the air purifier’s benefits and efficacy. Additionally, mood lighting can be set in different colors.”

Fuseproject behind the award-winning (IDSA awardee) Coway Icon Air Purifier is a celebrated design and innovation firm led by designer Yves Béhar. For more seamless integration into the living space, the air purifier is made for refined material in a wooden finish. It comes in a neutral color tone and features LED-enabled buttons on the touch control panel alongside a wireless charging pad for smartphones (iPhone).

Designer: fuseproject